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A note from Joma Sipe in Portugal (December 2022)

 Joma S

Joma, a fine and genuine artist

I share with my friends on Theosophy Forward the panels that I created for a series of artworks I did this year related to Christ Symbolism and how the Christ Energy appears to me as Light, which results in drawing what I can perceive with my inner vision. This first one is called CHRISTUS NOMEN SACRUM (The Sacred Name of Christ). It is a large panel: 100x50cm visible size and a golden frame:140x80cm, all done with golden-based ink pens and crystals. I had no concrete idea in mind, and simply concentrated on the Christ Energy, letting the drawing flow naturally, and when I had nothing more to draw, it meant that the piece was completed. I share both the original and illuminated versions.

These series related to the Christ Energy and Light, led me to a book by Nicolas Notovitch, entitled The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ in which he describes the discovery in an Hemis Tibetan monastery, of an ancient manuscript called The Life of Saint Issa, the best of the Sons of Me" in 1887. At the time, many skeptical articles were published suggesting forgery of the manuscript, even stating that it never really existed and that Notovitch had made the entire story up. Recent research however tells otherwise, concluding that the manuscript does indeed exist. This particular book brought me to another subject I am interested in: the life of Jesus in India and the various writings/books that have appeared covering this topic.   

Remembering my visit to India in 2005 and the journey I undertook to Arunachala, climbing the mountain to the top, meditating in the cave where Ramana Maharshi meditated, I felt that I had to read his teachings. I began this year to read some books that relate to his philosophies regarding his Self-Inquiring method: “Be As You Are” and “I am”. A very interesting, simple and magnificent viewpoint.

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PE JS 2 Joma Sipe November 2022 CHRISTUS NOMEN SACRUM Original Version 1


PE JS 3 Joma Sipe November 2022 CHRISTUS NOMEN SACRUM Illuminated Version

CHRISTUS NOMEN SACRUM Illuminated Version 

PE JS 4 Joma Sipe November 2022 Joma Sipe with CHRISTUS NOMEN SACRUM


PE JS 5 Joma Sipe November 2022 Nicolas Notovitch book publish for the first time in french in 1894

Nicolas Notovitch’s book published for the first time in French in 1894

PE JS 6 Joma Sipe November 2022 Ramana Maharshi at Arunachala

          Ramana Maharshi at Arunachala

PE JS 7 Joma Sipe November 2022 Joma Sipe on the top of Mount Arunachala 2005

Joma Sipe on the top of Mount Arunachala in 2005

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