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Good News: Masterful Silence from Italy

Silent Retreat in Milan – Report received from Patrizia Calvi 



A seminar day on the subject of meditation, masterfully conducted by Tran-Thi-Kim Dieu, outgoing president of the European Theosophical Federation, was held in the Milan premises of the Italian Theosophical Society.

The event was attended by 36 participants, who had booked all the available seats.


Tran-Thi-Kim Dieu with Elena Bessie Camplone and Sara Gencarelli (on the left)

The day was intense and very harmonious, with alternating theoretical sessions and practical experiences, leaving ample space for dialogue between the speaker and those present. In the delicate and valuable work of translation, Enrico Stagni and Elena Bessie Camplone alternated successfully.


Enrico Stagni and Tran-Thi-Kim Dieu

All participants were given a canvas backpack with the emblem of the Theosophical Order of Service, a loving work of Sara Gencarelli and Tobia Buscaglione. This facilitated spontaneous fundraising for T.O.S. activities.

The Milan experience was prodromal to a new edition of the Silent Retreat, planned for 2023.

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