Foreshadowing Future Events (Harbinger)

Theosophy ODL 2

Taken from Henry Steel Olcott's - Old Diary Leaves :

October 1896 :

At this same time the Tingley Crusaders reached Bombay on their voyage around the world and opened their proposed Indian campaign with a public meeting at the Town Hall of Bombay. In the report of this event and in the handbill which was distributed at Bombay, we see the same display of boastfulness and recklessness of statement which had been noticed in the remarks upon their doings at Paris.

 The handbill states that they are traveling around the world on behalf of the Theosophical Movement “Which was begun in America by Madame Blavatsky, continued by William Q. Judge and is now under the leadership of Mrs. Katharine A. Tingley.” The purpose of the visit to India “is to organize a Theosophical Society in this country on the original lines laid down by the Founders of the Movement”.

The members of the party are as announced in the Paris handbill with the amplification that Mrs. Tingley now styles herself “Leader of the entire Theosophical Movement throughout the world”….

Something went wrong before the tour was finished, for Mr. Wright and his wife left Mrs. Tingley on the way home, Mrs. Cleather (another Crusader) shortly after, Mr. Hargrove likewise, and the promised School of the Ancient Mysteries has never, so far as is known, taken root or turned out a single adept or Mahatma.

H.S. Olcott - Old Diary Leaves, Sixth Series, p.84-88

[Italics are the editor’s -With thanks to a good friend, JNK]

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