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107th Italian Theosophical Society National Congress

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Grouphoto with all participants 

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR:  The category GOOD NEWS on Theosophy Forward. among other subjects, also  aims at promoting international theosophical live events. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and for a period of almost 2 years international events on location didn’t take place and the theosophical world had to turn to internet alternatives resulting in a worldwide Zoom-Boom. Although I fully understand the usefulness of Zoom as an alternative, from day one I have been sceptical about the Zoom phenomenon, because it should always remain a second or third option if no meetings “in the flesh” are to take place.

It is to be hoped that  in 2022 we are able to return to some kind of new normal, whereby Theosophists can meet each other in real time and on location. Yes, we can reach out to many through Zoom, but we all know that numbers are not that relevant when it is about studying or celebrating Theosophy. We will need to look into  each other’s eyes again, without a boring Dell monitor in the way, experiencing each other’s energy.  If we take our precautions, which is really not that difficult, and see to it that we are fully vaccinated (YES!), wear masks when needed and keep meeting rooms sufficiently ventilated, cleaning our hands regularly with alcohol-gel, it’s most  certainly doable. It’s simple: that nasty virus is not going to go away, so we have to learn to live and deal with it, and that is quite possible!

I understand that the European School of Theosophy is planning to  have its annual meeting on the premises of the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands in October 2022, and with a bit of good luck there will be an International Convention in Adyar by the end of next year!

Below a write up plus photos about a wonderful congress that took place on location in Italy last September.


107th Italian Theosophical Society National Congress 

The 107th Italian Theosophical Society National Congress took place in Vicenza, on September 24-26, 2021, in a serene and positive atmosphere and with a participation far exceeding the expectations, with more than 80 people attendinThe event was also broadcast live on Zoom, thus allowing the participation, albeit remotely, of people interested in the event. 


Italian National Congress: the staff at the reception. From the left: Bruna Girardi and Sergio Calvi (seated), Patrizia Calvi and Tiziana Marini (standing).

The theme of the Congress was: Theosophy and the Initiatory Journey – a Path to Freedom. During the event, lectures, discussions and reports on the Groups and Centres activities in Italy were presented to the attendees. It was also the occasion for some members to share their personal experiences on the theme.

During the Congress we had the pleasure to attend a four-hand piano concert by our dear member Daniele Urlotti with Daniela Beltrami.


Daniele Urlotti and Daniela Beltrami "tickling" the ivories with twenty fingers


Overview of meetinmg hall 

A beautiful T.O.S. charity bazar was set up, thanks to the creative objects donated by the Italian members. The participants had also the chance to buy theosophical books, many of which are printed by Edizioni Teosofiche Italiane, the publishing house of the Italian Section.


TOS stand

The Congress was also the occasion to confer to Anna Bellentani, President of the new Theosophical Group “Il Sentiero di Dzyan” the official charter, sent from Adyar.


Italian National Congress: award ceremony. Anna Bellentani, President of the “Sentiero di Dzyan” group, receives from the hands of the General Secretary of the Italian Section, Antonio Girardi, the new Lodge Charter newly arrived from Adyar.

With thanks to Patrizia Calvi.

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