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A White Heaven

One can describe the meaning of ‘understanding’ as a mental process. But it also means a state of cooperative or mutually tolerant relations between people. Understanding is not a mere process of the mind. It involves higher spheres of our constitution dealing with perception or intuition. In trying to under-stand the deeper meaning of life, for example, reason alone is not enough. Observing and contemplating Nature, in complete quietness and silence of the mind, another process of understanding can take place.

Likewise, each one must see with his spiritual eye in order to perceive his own imperfection and the goodness in all fellow beings. There is a peace which surpasses the understanding of the mind. Only those who live in the eternal can experience it. But what does it mean to live in the eternal? The basis for understanding is tolerance, compassion, and empathy. It implies mutual tolerance, mutual help in the search for truth, respecting all who differ from ourselves. Many different colors go to make the beautiful rainbow.

To SHARE means to use, participate in, enjoy, receive, etc., JOINTLY; to join with others in some thought, feeling or, particularly, some action. From the very beginning, upon arrival in this physical world, Life teaches us the lesson of sharing, and only human beings are able to learn it. A hungry dog will not leave part of his food for his absent brother. We all depend on others in order to survive. Perhaps that is the reason why, out of all mammals, the newborn human being is the most dependent. How long will it take until we realize that we must give as we receive?

We all share in the search for truth. Theosophy unites us, no matter in which country we were born or what language we speak. As a matter of fact, on a deeper level, there is a sort of communication for which no words are needed and which no words can explain. Before one may experience it, the mouth, the mind, and the emotions must be silent. Unselfishness and compassion are the basis for sharing. It might be easy to share a broad goal like the search for truth, but it is not so easy to share a small room with another person.

Some people may say: ‘I love mankind but I cannot stand my neighbor.’ The understanding of loving and sharing is not exclusive. Therefore, if from our end there is the slightest shadow of the tendency to exclude anyone or any- thing from the whole, it is an indication that we have not understood what sharing really means.

‘Loving’ is described as feeling or expressing love. It is also said that true love is universal, encompassing all beings. In fact, love cannot be defined. Love is — loving thoughts, loving actions, and loving-kindness. The basis of Love is self-forgetfulness and a spirit of self- sacrifice. If one may compare, a mother’s love for her little child can be a good example of real love. Whilst loving, unconditionally, what can a mother expect to receive from a fully dependent creature like a baby?

Love has no limit or frontier; it is boundless and without reservations. One cannot decide to be loving. But the constant cultivation of loving thoughts will undoubtedly lead to loving speech and loving actions. Now, more than ever, the world is in need of love. The emphasis on competition has slowly dried up many hearts.

Jesus said: ‘Love others as I have loved you.’ Yet after more than 2,000 years, looking at what is happening around the world, one might conclude that not much progress has been made. But we cannot lose hope and feel discouraged. On the contrary, we all need to take responsibility and do something through loving actions, living happily, serving with enthusiasm. It is only by giving ourselves to work for humanity that we will understand the deeper elements of Theosophy.

There is hope for humans only through humans.

Especially during the current Covid-19 crisis, we ought to realize that the moment is NOW. Let us at least TRY.


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