James Colbert - A Tribute 2, Glimpses of a Life

Jim Colbert, Glimpses of a Life

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They were written by Jim Colbert, his wife Sally Colbert, and some they wrote together 

Theosophy Tribute 5 120

The summer of 1949. Jim, on the left, was 15 years old that summer. The man in the middle is Wilson Cunningham and the young person on the right is Bhima Hoffman

Theosophy Tribute 6 120

Jim as a good looking young man in 1951 

Theosophy Tribute 7 120

Photo taken from a newspaper article, early 1960’s

Disability, Karma and Meaning – Jim Colbert

Abortion and the Reincarnation of the Soul – Jim Colbert

Theosophy Tribute 8 120

Wonderful shot of Sally taken on the Fiji islands in 1995

Our Work – Sally Colbert

Theosophy Tribute 9 120

Jim, the attentive observer

Theosophy Tribute 10 120

Sally, Jim and their friend Myra Lee, around 2000/2001 at the San Diego Lodge

Our Unity - Finding Unity is The Most Difficult of All – Jim Colbert

Theosophy Tribute 11 120

Sally and Jim “en route” to their wedding ceremony , May 1995, in a rather unusual fashion …

Theosophy Tribute 12 120

Touching moment: Sally plays the guitar during the wedding procedures

Theosophy Tribute 13 120

Jim putting “the” ring on Sally’s finger

Marijuana, the Obligatory Pilgrimage, and the Woodstock Generation – Jim and Sally Colbert

Theosophy Tribute 14 120

Sally and Jim “honeymooning” on the Fiji islands, 1995

Theosophy Tribute 15 120

Sally and Jim, “happy together” the Fiji trip, 1995

Theosophy Tribute 16 120

Jim, the family man, here with great-granddaughter, Persephone Bebo, at Christmas of 2018, 6 weeks before he passed away

Suicides and Compassion – Jim and Sally Colbert

Theosophy Tribute 17 120

Jim, in front of his webcam, looking rather serious, as he often did during Skype sessions

Theosophy, Alcoholics Anonymous, and God – Jim and Sally Colbert

Theosophy Tribute 18 120

Jim, the speaker

Schizophrenia and the Search for the Soul - A Theosophical Perspective – Jim and Sally Colbert

Jim The Hague 2015

Here is Jim. in a beautiful blue-colored shirt during ITC 2015 in The Hague, the Netherlands, talking to Joop Smits, member of the TS Point-Loma, Blavatskyhouse

What is Theosophy - A Brief Outline – Jim Colbert

Image 6

Dear friend Jim, sitting on that majestic porch, wherever that porch might be, enjoying a well-deserved rest, reunited with Bernice your dog and Sally, carefully observing how we try to continue the Work, we do  convey a WARM THANK YOU, you were, and still are, a shining example, a source of inspiration ,,,,,,,,,

Toward a Psychology of the Gunas – Jim Colbert


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