There Are No Neo-Theosophists

Dallas TenBroeck – USA

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Consider the label "theosophist" for a moment ...

The term "neo-theosophist" is one that indicates only a time structure that is imposed on the naming of students of Theosophy. There are apparently in some minds the concept of "old student" and "new student."

None of us, or "them," can accurately fall under any labels, as we are all "old souls" and have reincarnated many times, and perhaps we have contacted Theosophy in earlier times and under different names. A such our "position" is largely unknown, even to ourselves.

New or old, we are all striving to improve.

Theosophy in reviewing the past and identifying the laws of true growth in soul-wisdom serves to help us to advance, each in his own way and at his own pace. It pays no attention to "labels."

The designation of theosophist ought to be reserved to the Masters of Wisdom who actually practice it. We are "attempting" to practice it and learn how to alter our lives and its objectives.

All the rest of us are at best "students of Theosophy." Some attempt to practice it, hoping thereby to elevate their own moral natures by using the ethics that Theosophy places before us, and the reasons that it gives for their use.

Regardless of designations, none of us can arrogate to ourselves the designation "theosophist." Unless we are indeed devotees and have achieved some eminence in its practice. Then, certainly, such a person or persons would repudiate the designation if attached to them personally. The Buddhist Bhikshu, when offering the teachings of the Buddha always said: "Thus have I heard."

We live currently in a word of labels. And labels have unfortunately the capacity to blur the meaning of anything they designate. They lack accuracy in definition -- and each person is an individual and any designation can only be applied to them by those who truly understand the interior and real nature of such a being. We like to place people in "pigeon holes" we have devised. But that is entirely untrue. By using designations we think we are explaining, but in reality, we are using a kind of short-hand for our own convenience and hope that others may also adopt it. We may have even borrowed such labels from others.

Let us all call ourselves "students of Theosophy." None are yet theosophists.

Fortunately THEOSOPHY is NOT a religion, nor do its students pretend to do more than try to understand the philosophy of the "rational explanation of things."

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