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TOS YOUTH – International Youth Conference 2019

Theme: “Meditation and Human Regeneration.”

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Participants in front of Headquarters Building, Adyar

The 3-day International Youth Conference, from 27th Dec to 29th Dec, was successfully completed with a total of 35 participants from different parts of India and the world. The main topics covered in the session related to Human Re-generation and Meditation, which were divided into 4 sessions each day. The sessions included a mixture of both theory and practical aspects.

The participants were randomly divided into 4 groups and at the end of every session, relevant questions were put forward to the groups. Each group had to internally discuss, summarize and get back to present their views on the topic of discussion. Each theory session was followed up with a practical class, which included various types of meditation, which helped participants link back to what they had understood during the theory sessions.

The topics that were touched upon are as follows:

  • Introduction to human re-generation and its importance to the present generation
  • Meditation overview, types of meditation, aids to meditation
  • Character building aspect of meditation, esoteric view on meditation
  • Distortions and illusions, conscious living; when does the real progress start?
  • Meditation: the scientific view

It was a very interactive session, where everybody contributed with great interest. All the sessions were held at Blavatsky Bungalow, which was a great place and people really enjoyed the atmosphere. Overall, the feedback from all participants was very positive, with just a few points to improve upon, which we have taken into account and will try to implement them in future conferences.

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