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Good News from the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands


On January 5 2020, the new Chief Knight of the Order of the Round Table in the Netherlands, Heleen van Beusekom, organized the ceremony of planting the first tree in the Garden of Remembrance (GOR) that presently is in a state of renovation. Heleen, creatively included the Universal mantra O Hidden Life by Annie Besant into the ceremony, each of the sentences recited by the Knights of Love, Wisdom and Strength. Round Table, very committed to the ITC, will be involved in the initiation/planting of the other trees of the GOR as well, probably during the next Spring Camp taking place on 4 and 5 April 2020: the youngsters of today might be our future workers. 

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The oldest and youngest member of Round Table with the Chief Knight and the first tree in the Garden of Remembrance

Friends Day

The yearly day for Friends of the ITC was held on January 11 2020 in Lotus House. This special day started with words full of thankfulness to Michiel Haas who has done a fine job for this beautiful and brand-new building. 

The Chairman of the ITC, Arend Heijbroek, explained the above mentioned project at the ITC: the renovation of the Garden of Remembrance (GOR). This project has a history of lengthy deliberations and preparations because of the finer energies present here. To illustrate the history of this special place on the compound Arend showed old photographs of the Liberal Catholic Churches, the Besant Hall and the construction of in this beautiful ‘ceremonial’ garden, where some of the ashes of Annie Besant are buried. 

Parcival van Gessel talked about the respectful way of investigation of, and working with the finer energies present in the GOR and on the entire compound of the ITC. This important research was done in close collaboration with the American Theosophist and classical musician Kurt Leland, in the summer of 2019.

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Parcival van Gessel during his presentation

Ingmar the Boer touched upon another interesting aspect of the ITC: the geometry in the gardens and the leylines at the ITC and its surroundings. The GOR is positioned at the centre of these lines, which always attracted spiritual activities, places where temples and churches have been built.  It appeared that opposite of the road there was a Venus mount, where probably centuries ago Freya ceremonies were conducted. There is still a Venus road besides ITC.

Manja van der Toorn spoke about the experiences of the Renting Office in the new situation with Lotus House. 

One of the Friends underlined the importance of supporting the work for this very special place, with a yearly financial contribution. 

The Chairman of the ITC was warmly thanked by all those who were present for his enduring efforts and passionate involvement, working tirelessly for the European Home of the TS: the beautiful International Theosophical Centre in Naarden.

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The editor thanks Els Rijneker in the Netherlands.

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