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Good News from Brazil


The Theosophical Society in Brazil, the largest section in South America, commemorated its centennial in November 2019. From November 12 -17, festivities were organized on various locations in Brasilia, with hundreds of people participating.

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Ulises Riedel de Resende 

The events began on November 12, with musical performances and the release of the book Theosophy, the Truth of All Ages, with texts and photos, covering the history of one hundred years of the Theosophical Society in Brazil. A lecture was delivered by Ulisses Riedel de Resende, who, as he was born into a Theosophical family, at the age of six (!) joined the Albor Lodge in Santos in São Paulo. Ulysses, a former National President, has been contributing to the Society's work for more than eight decades. Those who know him well consider Ulises Forever Young, since now, at the ripe old age of 86, he is ever active and going strong, writing, lecturing and above all innovating.

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Ulises speaks at the HQ building of the TS in Brasilia

On November 13 there was an outstanding musical performance, dedicated to the remarkable chansons of the legendary Edith Piaf, and the Argentine tango composer Astor Piazola, by Sabah Moraes and Ney Couteiro, both professional musicians and Theosophists from Goiania. The following day a concert took place by the String Ensemble of the University of Brasilia.

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The String Ensemble of the University of Brasilia performs

On November 15, a recital was given by the international pianist André Frazunkiewcz and a performance including Arabian music and Indian dance happened on the 16th. Finally, on November 17, both the actual centenary date, but also the foundation date of the Theosophical Society were celebrated.

Former National Presidents of the Brazilian section spoke and received awards, the Brasilia Choir gave a concert. Afterwards refreshing drinks and a delicious Brazilian birthday cake were served,  the traditional Happy Birthday was sung, all mingled; there were happy faces all around and participants shared this precious and memorable moment.

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