What Is Theosophy Actually?

Leon Maurer – USA

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Someone might say that theosophy is a method of dealing with life. True, but it also is a body of thought based on fundamental principles. It concerns the origin and genesis of the Cosmos, its reflection in the evolution of humanity, and the nature of being in general. One does not have to believe in it without thoughtful consideration, but rather verify it as a true synthesis of science, religion and philosophy. How does one do this? One looks within, studies the fundamental ideas about the actual metaphysical nature of reality, practices “living the life” and fulfilling one's duties – while also meditating on those truths in relation to one's own inner nature – all the time empowered by self-devised and self-determined efforts. Through these means, one finds and follows one's Teacher of the art of living and being that is one's own higher self – the direct reflection of the all wise and all-knowing universal soul. Otherwise, one might spend a whole life following the gurus and doing good works only to find in the end that the real teacher is within.

The theosophical experience leading to an understanding of Universal Brotherhood and its expression in relationships with others can only come about following a budding relationship with that true Master within. That is the only learning system of value in the end. “Theosophy is as theosophy does” and ”Physician, heal thyself” perfectly reflects this.

Theosophy has no relationship to organized groups or the idolatry they might or might not promote. It directs solely to the self within. This is so we attain our individual self-realization or enlightenment, which has no dependence on authority, beliefs, rituals, or faith in idols or teachers.

[Editor’s note: Leon H. Maurer (August 23, 1924 - June 19, 2011)  held a graduate degree in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he specialized in atomic energy and electronic control and communication network systems, with additional graduate studies in ceramics, material science, physics, and architectural engineering. For a period of forty years, Maurer delved deeply into eastern theories of metaphysics, physiology, psychology and consciousness, and practiced Patanjali’s Rajah Yoga of Mind Awakening. He was director of consciousness study and research for the Uniworld Institute of Psi Technology.]

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