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It was a small gathering behind Kashi Vilas [Earlier Pranavalaya] & in front of Vasantalaya, on the TS Adyar Estate on Friday, June 4, 2010.  Tea & refreshments were served at 5 p.m. before the inaugural. Following the Universal Invocation, Ms.K.Jaishree sang a verse from a classical composition. The International President, Mrs.Radha Burnier cut the blue ribbon inaugurating the Reverse Osmosis plant that is capable of producing as much as 500 liters of pure drinking water per hour.  Mr. C.V.K.Maithreya offered her the first glass of water and dedicated the plant to The Theosophical Society and all its allied organisations, including the Social Welfare Centre.  Mrs. Radha Burnier spoke a few words about her childhood in Vasantalaya where she would watch the workers drawing water from the well along with other youngsters.  She remarked that the quality of water was very good in those days. Other residents also sampled the water, as the function came to a close.  The plant has been operating successfully ever since.

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