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Good News from the Netherlands

The International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands is going to build a new guest house

[Message received from Michiel Haas]

In addition to a maximum of 2 to 4 special guests who can be accommodated at St. Michael’s House, there are two existing guesthouses. The first one, Arundale guesthouse, is an old structure built way back in the sixties, with a capacity of 10 rooms and ‘shared’ facilities. The second one is the 20-years-old Crystal House with 20 rooms, all having their own bathroom, adjacent to the beautifully designed Crystal Hall dining room.

Need for a new guesthouse: Lotus House

It has become obvious that the facilities at Arundale guesthouse are no longer fitting in this time and age. Nowadays people prefer not to share their bathroom and shower with others, therefore Arundale guesthouse was clearly not the first option for many event goers. Renovating the old guesthouse would actually turn out to be impossible. At the time it was cheaply constructed, resulting in problems with fungi, noise pollution and the building is not adequately insulated to keep the Dutch rain and cold out. The ITC council agreed to start constructing a brand-new guesthouse, with a capacity of 10 rooms, but now each room having its own facilities. Furthermore there will be a large, fully equipped kitchen and dining room. With this new guest house it will be possible to rent out the two locations (Lotus House and Crystal House) at the same time to different groups.

Good News ITC b
The existing and outdated Arundale guesthouse

The new guesthouse will be called Lotus House and the architecture it will completely tie in with the existing architecture of Crystal House & Hall and the superb natural surroundings of the Centre.

Good News ITC c
Above the two guesthouses together, it is one architectural language

Good News ITC d
Lotus House seen from the back

Good News ITC e
The new Lotus guesthouse in façade and the ground floor

The construction will take off in the beginning of the new year, 2019.

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