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Good News from the Netherlands

Martin Leiderman visits the TS Point Loma in The Hague

Good news from The Hague 2
Martin in a characteristic pose, building a bridge to a deeper comprehension of the Stanza’s of Dzyan

At the invitation of the Theosophical Society Point Loma Blavatskyhouse, Martin Leiderman gave a six-day seminar on the Stanzas of The Secret Doctrine part 1 in The Hague, the Netherlands. Martin is a member of the TS Adyar and lives with his wife Susan in Los Angeles where he leads study groups.

The seminar took place on 6, 7, 8, 13 and 14 July for a group of 30 study leaders and speakers of the TS PL, three of whom had come from Germany. Martin and with support of Susan taught in his well-known, friendly, humorous and profound way how to study the Stanzas, which form the basis of The Secret Doctrine. Concepts such as SPACE, Darkness, the circle with the dot, the first, second and third Logos were discussed intensively. Before the Stanza's were studied, the core ideas of the proem had to be clarified.


Good News from The Hague 3
Martin, Susan and participants in The Hague

Martin gave three useful tools how to study the Stanzas. Link the different concepts together. You then learn to see the 7 Stanzas as a unit. Then make an illustration of what you see, not just a mental picture but a real drawing. Susan gave some examples on the whiteboard of how to do that. Finally, you must apply the law of analogy. As above so below. Just like the physical eye sees an object, thanks to the light source of the sun, thanks to the light source of the idea of the Good, as Plato calls it, the spiritual eye - the eye of dangma - can perceive the abstract ideas. Martin often used Plato to clarify The Secret Doctrine. After all, Plato drew from the same source as Blavatsky.

Most of the participants in this seminar were women and men who have studied the Divine Wisdom for many years, often with the help of the works of Gottfried de Purucker. Martin's perspective, however, was something new for them and that gave in many cases an enormous deepening of the doctrine.

On Sunday, June 15, Martin gave a series of talks for about 100 people, including some members of the TS Adyar. He taught about the deeper background of the Egyptian Book of the Dead and Plato and - of course - he explained to this broader audience how the Stanzas of the Secret Doctrine can be studied.

The visit of Martin Leiderman to The Hague was a great success in every way. Among the students, there is already a desire that next year he will shed his light on the Stanzas of Part II as well.


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