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Good News from the Blavatsky Lodge, Mumbai – India

Sowing the seeds of Theosophy to students of the Lady Engineer School.

The Naarden gathering in the Netherlands, last July has come out with a strategic planning initiative that will make the Theosophical Society socially more relevant, taking our organization to the next level. Emphasis has been given to education in synchronicity with our founders’ vision.

Sr Kashmira Khambatta and Bro Arni Narendran

The Central Hindu University and The Besant college in Varnasi, The Besant school and the Olcott School and also the Kalakshetra – school of Dance all in Chennai, were founded by Theosophists. More recently, in the Philippines the Golden Link college has been setting high standards in teachers training .

Theosophists in Mumbai have over the years played their part in education. A Montessori school operates in the Theosophical colony in Juhu. The TOS has been granting scholarship to deserving students over the years and the Governor of the state is the Chief Patron.

The Blavatsky Lodge also organizes annually the Jamubhai Surya Dani Memorial essay and elocution competition for school students in South Mumbai on topics related to Theosophy. Sr Mahazaver and Bro Ram Kalra of the Blavatsky Lodge representing the Bombay Theosophical Federation are veteran organizers of this popular event.

Furthermore a new initiative developed by the Lodge President Sr Kashmira Khambatta and Bro Arni Narendran, Hon Treasurer, was to reach out to students between 12 to 15 years of age and their interactive session with students of the Lady Engineer school proved to be a satisfying experience. The idea was to highlight Theosophical content in the form of storytelling, quiz, and the growing technique of stimulative learning rather than teaching or lecturing. Children participated with great gusto and enthusiasm.

Students listening; young and above all eager minds

Dr Annie Besant is well known as a leader of the Indian independence movement, but not so much as a Theosophist, amongst these students. Themes such as respect for all religions, environment protection, Universal Brotherhood were all conveyed to these young minds.

Reaching out to these children was a rewarding experience and more such initiatives are on the cards.

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