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Good News from Portugal

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A noteworthy exhibition, covering the life and work of H. P. Blavatsky will be organized by José Manuel Anacleto in Lisbon, from May 8 -May 16, 2018. Your editor would describe José as a formidable Theosophical activist. In order to get to know more about him, read his mini interview with Theosophy Forward here

This super-event will take place at Galeria Sá da Costa, at Rua Serpa Pinto, nº 19, in Lisbon.

The venue in Lisbon

The compiler of the exhibition will have material displayed pointing to the most important facts in H. P. B.’s life and her far-reaching influence, highlighting her spiritual and Theosophical work, with illustrations and relevant documents.

To read more click here

The opening will take place on May 8 at 5 PM and the closure on May 16 at 9.15 PM

From the second to the last day, i.e. from May 9 till May 16, Galeria Sá da Costa will be opened to receive visitors between 2 PM and 7.30 PM. The gallery will be closed on Sundays.

On May 8, 12 and 16 there will be, next to the exhibition, also other activities with several well-known speakers coming from various parts of the world, either belonging to one of the known Theosophical main-streams, or who are independent students of Theosophy.

The visit to the exhibition is gratis. During the special activities however, on May 8, 12 and 16 a minimum charge of € 4 per event is required, while it is also possible to purchase a special ticket for € 10, which will allow you to watch all three events.

Among the speakers are:
• José Manuel Anacleto, organizer, exhibition compiler and Editor of Biosofia Magazine

• Barend Voorham, member of The Theosophical Society of Point Loma - Blavatskyhouse

• Ana Maria Coelho de Sousa, General Secretary of the Theosophical Society of Portugal, Adyar

• Bruno Carlucci, member of the Brasilia Lodge (Adyar) in Brasilia, Brazil


For further details in Portuguese click here


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