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Good News from Michele and Pablo Sender

Michele and Pablo present: FOHAT PRODUCTIONS

Sharing the Living Power of Theosophy

Pablo speaks

Michele and Pablo Sender are workers for Theosophy and currently live at Krotona, California, USA. Pablo has traveled the world round and lectured on various Theosophical subjects in many countries, accompanied by his wife Michele who conducts meditation sessions and speaks about the application of Theosophy in daily life. They’re truly wonderful and always active folks, so read about this fascinating project of theirs.

The Mission

Fohat Productions was created to bring about the understanding of life, human beings, and the universe that Theosophical teachings can offer, at a time when a deeper view of reality is sorely needed. For this purpose, we will produce new presentations in written, audio, and video formats addressing age-old universal problems in modern language. Additionally, we will republish early Theosophical classics that contain perennial sources of wisdom but have gone out of print.

Michele speaks, Pablo observes and listens intently …


The Current Challenge

Theosophical literature aimed at the earnest student does not have a wide reader base, making it difficult for publishing companies to produce this type of books. Instead, they are forced to make the choice of publishing books on more popular subjects that will bring higher revenues. Fohat Productions is an effort to ensure that Theosophical books will be on the shelves in the high-quality format that the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom deserve.

Michele and Pablo: dedication, unswerving commitment


However, for these books to see the light of day, we need your help. Any donations made will allow more time and resources for us to work on these projects. A deep bow of gratitude for your consideration and participation in bringing our ideas from the realm of ideation into that of manifestation.

A happy picture with participants taken in the Besant Hall of the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands, during a Silent Retreat conducted by Pablo and Michele in October 2017


Why Fohat?

Fohat, H. P. Blavatsky wrote, is one of the most important characters in esoteric cosmogony. Fohat is the creative cosmic energy that brings into manifestation the formless seeds existing in the realm of cosmic ideation. As explained in The Secret Doctrine:

“It is through Fohat that the ideas of the Universal Mind are impressed upon matter. Fohat is the ‘bridge’ by which the ‘Ideas’ existing in the ‘Divine Thought’ are impressed on Cosmic Substance as the laws of Nature.”

The goal of Fohat Productions is to create vehicles of expression for the ageless Theosophical teachings, in modern language and formats that may be suitable for the modern enquirer.
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