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Marie Harkness—Northern Ireland

Ten years ago we entered a new century and a new millennium, the Aquarian Age, no doubt attended by a flux of higher forces and energies. This promises to be an era of noble aspiration and focus and the developing use of higher mind. Life today is moving at a frenetic pace, with greater expectations and ever new advances in science and technology, such as the Web, now providing us with fast and immediate worldwide communication.

For Theosophy to continue as an effective force, we must constantly keep in touch with the initial impetus given at the inception of the Society, of the Masters' strength and full blessing through their instruments H. P. Blavatsky and H. S. Olcott. The precious nuggets given out then are as important to us now as they were then—even more so: first, the realization that "There is no religion higher than truth"; second, the three Objects, which are to be understood and practiced; and third, but especially important, freedom of thought.

In their letters, the Masters and the Mahachohan have stressed the need for cooperation, harmony, and true practical brotherhood among both members and nonmembers. They called for "a great mutual toleration and charity for each other's shortcomings," the importance of being nonjudgmental, the purpose of the Society as not for self-seekers wishing to pursue occult studies for their own ends, and the essential value of all members to the whole as all willingly give according to their time and capacity. Master KH has pointed out, "We refuse no one. 'Spheres of usefulness' can be found everywhere." He also wrote, "Even the simple presence amidst you of a well-intentioned and sympathizing individual may help you magnetically" and "Those who try in their walk in life to follow their inner light will never be found judging, far less condemning, those weaker than themselves."

HPB has written, "Theosophist is who Theosophy does." For Theosophy to remain a vital living force, we must give of our hearts, our time, and our talent as much as we can. We must also cherish and keep in mind a vision of a nobler, more peaceful world, where humanity is becoming more compassionate with ever-growing graciousness and thoughtfulness, opening up to higher forces and thereby increasingly contributing towards the upliftment and spiritualization of all beings on this planet. Members, attached and unattached, can greatly assist in this important work by projecting ennobling thoughts into the atmosphere, and by transmitting their ideal vision for the future, thus greatly aiding the devas and Masters by providing them with material to work with. This mental work, alongside Lodge meetings and performance of duties, may be given more emphasis in the future, so everyone can be of service and be encouraged to partake in a tremendously vital mental work, irrespective of physical capability.

The Master M referred to the Society as 'our Theosophical ship' and the Masters have reassured us that "though separated from your world of action, we are not yet entirely severed from it so long as the Theosophical Society exists." It behoves all members to remain on board this ship—a ship steered by greater wisdom, foresight, and guidance than any of us possess. By aligning with the Masters, by surrendering ourselves and our energies to their great cause, we are essentially co-workers at whatever level, each absolutely essential in bringing to fruition their plan for this planet. They chose the Society as their instrument gradually to release knowledge and higher energies on earth. As Theosophical workers, we have to stand on our own two feet while the Masters oversee the work, but they will not coerce or interfere with personal decisions because the resulting karma belongs to the doer and free will can't be interfered with. We grow inwardly by our own efforts and decisions. That said, the constant inspiring and uplifting thoughts of our elder brethren can be picked up by the receptive and can be utilized to enhance the work.

In the future, the dissemination of the tenets of Theosophy worldwide will use new technological advances, as has happened with the Web. Also HPB has recommended a balance of study, meditation, and service if we are to serve effectively.

With increasingly stronger spiritual energies flooding the earth, gross materialism will lose its grasp and everyone will be more open to altruism and higher thought. Today, as students of occultism, we are expected to remain where we are, in the midst of the fray, and to progress onwards by selfless dedicated service, in a sense by "retreating within" while "advancing boldly without."

Well-chosen music can affect the psyche positively. Music can also be an effective medium for transmitting creative higher thought and noble ideals, particularly when it is composed and at live performances.

By dwelling upon and living the dream of a universal human brotherhood, reflecting a much greater brotherhood, that dream will become a reality. As Gandhi said, "Be the change that you want to see in the world."


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