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Good News from the piano at the ITC in Naarden the Netherlands


Good News from the piano 2

The grand-piano, also called “the instrument of instruments”

Beauty is considered to be one of the important aspects of the work at the International Theosophical Centre (ITC) in Naarden. In order to visualise this, two roses complement the TS seal, as the seal of the ITC, which has been approved by Radha Burnier. In practise, it means that we always try to add elements of beauty to our programs, most of the time live music. Now a new related activity is being organised by Martie Velthuis, who many participants of ITC activities had contact with. Martie is a professional music teacher. When she moved to a smaller house her grand piano was placed at St. Michaels House, where she now organises music events every month for TS members and music lovers.

Good News from the piano 3

This wonderful piece of art integrated well at St Michael’s House

Live-music is performed, introduced by various musicians invited for the day. Music is then placed in the context of its history. The musicians, most of which non-TS members, experience and enjoy the special atmosphere at the house, so are happy to come back. In addition Martie gives solfège lessons to develop sound hearing after which participants may sing together. Based on these foundations both experience and insight help to understand what HPB teaches in her esoteric instructions about men, music, colour and seven-foldness. The related texts are being studied.

Who says that Theosophy is theoretical and dull?

[Many thanks to Arend Heijbroek]

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