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Theosophy – the Divine Wisdom teachings – offers real hope and a way through the troubled times we are now experiencing on planet Earth. The study and teaching of Theosophy is a prime motivation for many Theosophists and Theosophical groups. This is important work. However, it is only one part of the work.

People can learn about the Wisdom teachings, study and discuss them at length, as they often do, but it is the practice that counts and makes the difference. It is practising Theosophy – living Theosophy – that will change the world, not just studying the subject.

Madam Blavatsky emphasized three important aspects of Theosophy – study, meditation and service – with all three in balance. Most Theosophists enjoy the first aspect, study. In fact many focus almost entirely on it. The second aspect, meditation, gets less emphasis than it deserves. Meditation is the basis of the way to self-realization and more. In addition to personal meditation seeking inner silence, group meditation with a single united focus offers a way for Theosophists around the world to literally save the world in these tumultuous times. Such a meditation, focused on creating a better world, is now being actively promoted within the New Zealand section. It is an act of real service and is a practical aspect of living Theosophy.

The third aspect spoken of by HPB is service. This is where many of us do not measure up. Service is multifaceted. Service is the key to making Theosophy a living force in our world. True service means to live Theosophy, not just talk about it. We are all good at talking about such things, but how good are we at practicing what we preach?

To serve in this sense, i.e., to live Theosophy, is not an easy task. We need to transcend from where we are to another level of being to enable us to successfully accomplish this undertaking. To transcend in simple terms means ‘to go beyond.’ This means that we lift our consciousness and awareness to another level, a higher level. To transcend also means becoming objective rather than subjective. We see clearly when we are free from clouding emotion and personal desire or wishes. To accomplish this on a continuing basis allows us to truly serve and to truly live Theosophy.

We can work to make Theosophy a living force in our world by working toward transcendence at both an individual and a group level. To do this requires: Goodwill – the goodwill to work positively together to co-create a better world within ourselves, within our organization, and in the outer world we live in. Will – the inner will and focus to make this happen positively. Putting aside or sublimation of personal agenda and little ego for the greater agenda. Meditation – the basic tool and an essential requirement and discipline for those who choose to live a Theosophical life. Rising to a new level of being and stepping aside from a subjective view to an objective view, allowing the blinkers to drop and see things as they really are, free from lower emotion. This is not easy. The will to serve – to be of service to divine intent – “Thy will, not mine.”

As Theosophists we have the knowledge and we have the skills – or they are readily available for us to acquire – to live Theosophy personally and collectively, and to co-create a new and relevant way to live, work and co-create a new living and vital Theosophy for the twenty-first century. We can transcend to that space where as self-realised beings we are able to consciously decide to rise above differences and focus on shared values. We can rise above subjective squabbling among ourselves. We can rise above criticizing and being criticized. We can rise above our own worldly concerns. We can transcend in the highest meaning of that term. Can we do this?

We can and we will!


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