Olcott’s last visit

Jean Overton Fuller – UK

Introduction by S. T. Adelante

This particular excerpt is very touching since it demonstrates clearly how deep the bond was between Henry Olcott and Helena Blavatsky. The author, Jean Overton Fuller, a writer, poet and artist, was a lifelong long student of The Secret Doctrine. Jean Overton Fuller is probably best known for her book Madeleine, the story of Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan, GC, MBE, CdG, an Indian heroine of World War II. Last year on 8 April 2009, she passed away at the age of ninety-four. 

After a quick visit to Paris to view the new Eiffel Tower, Madame Blavatsky returned through Granville and Jersey, in 'an old washtub called a steamer'. To enter the tiny Channel Island ports the ships have to be small, and in the choppy seas, around the rocks, pitch about like nutshells. She recovered from her sea-sickness in St Helier, then in St Aubin.

She was back in London to welcome Olcott when he arrived at Lansdowne Road on 4 September 1889. They sat up until 2 a.m., New York style. He had just returned from Japan. The Japanese had told him only he could reunite all the divergent schools of Buddhists and had asked him to be head of the Buddhist religion in Japan. He had asked whether, in order to take up this post, he might resign the Presidency of the Theosophical Society to Madame Blavatsky, but Morya would not allow this.

She had another desk pulled up to hers, so that they could work side by side. She was correcting proofs of A Key to Theosophy.

He had to leave on a tour of Wales and Ireland. In Dublin, he stayed with Mr Fred Dick and his Scottish born wife, Annie Piper, née Laing, my great-aunt. The most mystical of the Dublin Group, 'A.E.' (George Russell) encapsulated the message of The Secret Doctrine as, 'The destiny of every man . . . is to become a star'.

Returning to England, Olcott lectured in Birmingham and Leek in Staffordshire, then rejoined H.P.B. He was with her when a London paper reprinted from an American one Dr Elliott Coues' allegation that Madame Blavatsky had been expelled from the Theosophical Society. She replied pointing out that it was Coues who had been expelled.

Olcott had to leave again, to lecture in Edinburgh, Bradford and Newcastle. Then he returned to London to see Madame Blavatsky for the last time, before sailing for Colombo on 26 December. She had made him the sole representative of the Esoteric School in Asian countries, with discretionary authority, and wrote to him, ' I love you more than anyone on earth save Master, my friendship and brotherly affection for you are eternal . . .'. 

From: Blavatsky And Her Teachers (East-West Publications London and the Hague, 1988) Chapter 82 (page 225) "Olcott’s last visit".

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