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Good News from the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands 2

This CENTRE is, without a doubt one of the best retreats in the Netherlands, or in that respect in Western Europe. How can you become a FRIEND of this Centre?

Let’s be friends, for real …

Friends of the Centre

Since the beginning many Friends from the Netherlands and abroad have supported the ITC. The ITC has always had a special relationship with its Friends. Being Friend of a spiritual Centre implies a much deeper relationship than being a financial sponsor.

Friends are required to subscribe the aims and activities of the ITC. This results in a bond, which is experienced by many Friends who live even hundreds or thousands of kilometers away.

Friends are expected to contribute to the work of Center, through a financial contribution of € 35 per year, through service and / or through their meditation. On request Friends will be sent a special meditation, linked with the work of the ITC.

The work of the ITC is done by volunteers. Friends enable to preserve this unique spiritual center for the future, to maintain the estate and to organize the activities which are vital for the ITC.

Supporting the Centre

Such service may well include supporting the Centre itself, maintaining and further vitalizing it for generations to come. This can be done individually, during a personal retreat or in groups. This can be enriched by meeting people in different activities in the same quest for Truth.

Friends can log in and find all relevant documents and information, such as odd job list, policy notes on request

Download the leaflet: click here

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