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Good News from Krotona

Autumn is a special time of change as everything in nature is getting ready for winter rest. It is also an opportunity for contemplation and reflection as we are approaching the New Year.

Krotona view

With the new season how wonderful it is to see an amazing variety of different birds who find their home in the peaceful surroundings of Krotona. Cooler temperatures and a few rain showers are also very welcome especially by our furry friends. Crisp air and the starry sky with magnificent Orion constellation in the East inspire insightful conversations among the residents and students during the night walks.

Walking down the Path

There were several good news and events taking place at Krotona:

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In October Joy Mills celebrated her 95th birthday and her 75th anniversary as a member of the Theosophical Society.

As always, Krotona School Fall Program with its interesting and practical classes given by John Knebel, Dorothy Bell, Martin and Susan Leiderman and others attracted a lot of participants from Ojai and nearby cities, and international visitors from New Zealand, Australia, The Netherlands and Africa.  

Krotona School is also a meeting place of the members of the Ojai Lodge every Tuesday. Everyone is welcome to join the theosophical study, discussion and friendly atmosphere.  

This year Krotona will be hosting a Winter Solstice theosophical gathering to continue tradition of meetings of friends-theosophists from different theosophical groups held by Dara Eklund and Nicholas Weeks in their home for many years. We hope that the spirit of Brotherhood within diversity will bring us all closer together in our common work for Humanity.

In August my twin sister Svetlana who lives in Denmark spent three weeks visiting with me. Her helpful assistance with the Winter Solstice preparation and used books inventory was very welcome. 

Krotona, wonderful atmosphere, compassionate and harmonious spirit

Winter 2016 Program will have an exciting start in January with the Partners in Theosophy Members Intensive led by Robert Elwood and Pablo Sender followed by a class on the Fundamental Concepts in The Secret Doctrine and Their Relevance Today given by Elena Dovalsantos. Usually during this time the international president Tim Boyd comes to visit Krotona as well.

There are different reasons why people come to Krotona but they all are touched by its compassionate, harmonious spirit encouraging Theosophical study, meditation and kind service.

The editor thanks Olga Omlin for this report and the wonderful photos.

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