Impressions ITC 2015 Carolyn Dorrance

Carolyn Dorrance – USA

Perspectives and Memories of the ITC Conference, 2015

Theosophy ITC 6 Carolyn Dorrance
Carolyn Dorrance, closely involved in organising ITC 2016 in Santa Barbara-California

If sitting quietly while listening to clear explanations of Theosophical teachings is a valued priority, then attending an ITC conference is a welcome experience. Such was the opportunity offered at this year’s ITC conference held in The Hague. Well organized and clearly focused on the theme of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky: ThroughDifferent Eyes with One Heart, the conference provided an authentic learning experience for students of Theosophy. Remarkable were the excellent synthetic talks that combined metaphysical foundations with practical obligations. Inspirational were the affirmations of the universality and boundless duration of the Theosophical movement. Inviting were the explorations of the occult dimensions of Theosophy. Hopeful were the talks on a vision of Theosophical ideas offering guidance for centuries to come. While unity was one important purpose of the conference, diversity was recognized. Representatives from the different “branches” of the mighty tree of the Theosophical teaching asked and responded to questions about how to study and teach Theosophy effectively now and into the future. One learned that unity among Theosophists was more obvious than diversity. The understanding of the mission of H.P.B. and what she taught was indeed shared.

To sit among fellow students gathered from around the world gave strength and validation to both one’s inner and outward capacities to spread broadcast the teaching of Theosophy. For four days the reality of a nucleus of universal brotherhood nourished the spirit and reinforced the purposes of the conference. Friendly fellowship greeted one from the first moment one entered and persisted throughout the conference. Conversation and conviviality expressed the sense of common purpose and trust felt within this visible community. Participants left with a sense of rededication to study more and work with more focus. Anticipations for next year’s conference in Santa Barbara were widely expressed. No doubt an experience of continuity and dedication to a common mission were ripe fruits of the Conference. The mission of H.P.B. is alive and shared with One Heart.

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