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Good News from the Dutch section of the Theosophical Society (Adyar)

On the 18th of October the Dutch section of the Theosophical Society (Adyar) organized a seminar on “From cosmic ideation to human mindscape”, presented by Robert A. Pullen, leader of the Theosophical study group “The Lotus Circle”.

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There were over sixty attendees who enjoyed a very inspiring day.

In the morning Robert explained the first stanzas of Cosmogenesis dealing with the three Logoi, after having started off with the “Proem”. In order to study The Secret Doctrine fruitfully it is essential to come to grips with the fundamental propositions first, in short:

1. The fundamental unity of all existence.

2. There is no dead matter.

3. Man is a microcosm.

4. So above, so below.

Under Roberts skillful guidance the audience studied these propositions in depth, after which Robert expounded on such concepts as “Mahat” and “Fohat.”

Good News Dutch Section 3
Participants lining up in typical Dutch autumn weather

After lunch we learned how consciousness as such, individualized consciousness, sensory (illusory) perception and thought relate to one another. By this process we create our own reality. Our ‘image’ of the world is always changing, and highly individual, differing from the ‘realities’ of other human beings. Thus each individual creates his own ‘mindscape’.

All in all it was a very inspiring day which certainly clarified many things and gave us much to ponder on.

(This report was received from Wim Leys) 

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