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Good News from the European School of Theosophy

This School wants: “… to provide opportunities in Europe for the study of Theosophy in order to ensure the continuing preservation and dissemination of the esoteric philosophy.”

Report of the European School held from 10-15 October 2014, at the International Theosophical Centre, Naarden, the Netherlands, written by Karen Wallwork of London UK, a member of Blavatsky Lodge.

In the Beginning was the Word” was this year’s theme of talks by David Roef, Pablo Sender and Janet Hoult.

If you have not been to European School – then do book in your diaries 18th October to 23rd, 2015 when the venue will be in Birmingham in the UK.

The standard of Theosophical talks is most educational thanks to the depths of research and insight and gained understanding by the speakers David Roef and Pablo Sender who have made a life work of service to teach Theosophy at a profound depth of not just knowledge, but to express the gifts of esoteric wisdom which allows the heart to engage with higher mind at a symbolic intuitive level.

This is true esoteric wisdom when the heart is one with the higher mind and it KNOWS in the truest sense of knowing, fulfilling the mantra of the TS of “There is no religion higher than TRUTH”. Compassion and Wisdom are the natural gifts of Theosophy and the speakers have a passion to teach and express their enthusiasm for this profound wisdom. Janet Hoult spoke on Monday and was a perfect link with the two main speakers with her talk “The Divine Dragon of Wisdom and the awakening of mankind”. The speakers’ passion for Theosophy was catchy and meals became inspiring “talk shops” on the future of Theosophy and the value of the ITC and European School and for all of us to link up and get to know each other in sharing our resources and experiences. We are a global family of theosophists and with internet and WILL, we have the perfect means to become a strong brother/sister hood of members helping each other.

The 65 Theosophists who attended came from Austria, Belgium, England, Holland, Israel, Italy, Scotland, Spain, USA and Wales. A wonderful group of enthusiastic participants of the whole ethos of brotherhood and the sharing of experience and knowledge of living Theosophical principles.

Good News from The European School of Theosophy 2
Participants came from many directions

The venue of Naarden being a Theosophical Centre was the cherry on the cake. A peaceful, beautiful location in 40 acres of woods on the outskirts of the town of Naarden which was an easy walk across fields to reach. We all enjoyed a guided walk by Arend Heijbroek of the ITC, to Naarden on the “free” Monday afternoon off. Being Monday most of the shops were closed, but it was the ideal afternoon to have as rest, as the lectures had been deeply informative and intense on Saturday and Sunday and we all needed a day of reflection and fresh air. The ITC’s nearest city is Amsterdam, about half an hour’s drive away and on a train route from the airport.

Ron and I had the pleasure of sharing cottage number 3. Newly built in past year and it was delightful and cozy. It was at first daunting to trek through the woods in the late evening with a torch as the only light but having got the hang of the layout…it was fun to be so deep in nature. The new wooden cottages are very comfortable and warm with everything you need for a study retreat with easy access to shops in Naarden for food. As we were part of the five day European School we had the luxury of all meals catered for in Crystal Hall; fully vegetarian and wholesome.

The workers and volunteers at the ITC were generous with their advice and help and made all of us feel cherished and welcome. For us UK members of the TSE, having recently lost our Tekels Park …fear not! As this Theosophical centre in Naarden is just wonderful and “home from home” for those of us who will miss Tekels. A warm welcome is extended and the ITC would be very happy for us to hire and use their facilities.

Do look at their website

On this blog is a half-hour lecture by Arend Heijbroek on the history of Naarden which briefly explains the historical link to Tekels.

DVD’s of the lectures will be available on the European School website.

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