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TOS Animal Healing Network: Calling All Animal-Loving Meditators

When illness or injury strikes a beloved pet, we often feel helpless, alone and scared about our ability to help our companion when they need us most. In response, the TOS in America launched an Animal Healing Network last year devoted to providing daily healing meditation for sick or terminally ill pets and their human companions. Serving as a complement to the TOS Healing Network for humans, these healing meditations call upon the angelic hosts to send loving, healing power over time and distance to the suffering animal to comfort and protect until health returns or the soul departs the body. Network organizer Rozi Ulics says, “By providing this service, we hope to shoulder some of the burden people feel when faced with a pet’s illness."

We are happy to report that the initiative is blossoming into a global network of animal-loving meditators. The network includes both individual and group healers spread across the United States as well as in Hungary and India.

 Good News from the TOS 2 Hungary
TOS Animal Healing Networ; participants in Hungary

Recently, the new network began exchanging names of animals with a long-standing healing meditation group at the Krotona Institute of Theosophy. The group also regularly meditates for animals rescued by the Beagle Freedom Project, a group supported by the TOS in America that works to rescue and rehabilitate animals given up by laboratories. In the future, the network plans to partner with a group of volunteer healers who work in shelters, sending healing energy to help make shelter animals more adoptable. Over the past year, scores of pets and animal causes have received loving, healing energy. The great majority have been dogs and cats, although the network is open to healing all our brethren of the earth, the seas and the skies.

Good News from the TOS 3 Washington DC
TOS Animal Healing Network; participants Washington DC

Rozi Ulics receives feedback that she says “indicates that our animal subjects have either made full recovery, or in cases where the pet has died, the death was peaceful for both animal and human.” In Theosophical thought, animals share in a ‘group soul’ so sending healing energy to just one animal can have a beneficent effect for the entire species. In addition, the healing has beneficial effects on the meditator as well!

Good News from the TOS 4 Individual healers
An individual Healer

If you are interested in joining the network as an individual meditator or forming an animal healing group, please contact Rozi at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can also send the names of animals in need of healing energy to this address, or submit an online form at

Good News from the TOS 5 Healers Altar
A Healer’s Altar

Animals receive healing meditative energy for 40 days. There is never a charge, and you need not be a member of the Theosophical Society or Theosophical Order of Service to submit names or join the network as a meditator.

Would you like to let others know about this service for their pets? You can print out this announcement and post it on the noticeboard in your TS branch or leave it on a table for people to pick up.

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