The Eye Revisited


Jan Nicolas Kind – Brazil


Photo © David M. Grossman          

I have been going through some issues with both my eyes, seriously affecting my vision.  For a student of Theosophy who loves to read, as an editor, occasional writer and as a human being, these “eye-things” as I call them, are causing much discomfort, unpleasantness but also unexpected complications, to say the very least. I sometimes joke by saying that my third eye just doesn’t want to open up, well, that’s life, it is what it is.

Going through an illness or confronting health problems, at the same time offers opportunities and challenges. It makes one think, especially when one focusses on others who suffer as well, going through their own battles. To see others who are worse off teaches us that we are certainly not unique and that we need to keep counting our blessings, realizing that Karmic law is mystical and very confusing at times.

Because he’s aware of my “eye-thing” our good friend PABLO SENDER sent me a very interesting piece by H. P. Blavatsky in which she is talking about spiritual centers in the higher principles, which connect to cosmic forces and direct them to the body through the seven orifices in our head.

In plain language she suggests that by following her instructions, through meditation, we might have a better chance to deal with our physical disorders:

In the case of the full Adept . . . all these centers are more or less active and in constant correspondence with their prototypes, the cosmic centers, and their microcosms, the principles. It is only through these cosmic and spiritual centers that the physical centers (the upper seven orifices and the lower triad) can benefit by their occult interaction, for these orifices, or openings, are channels conducting into the body the influences that the will of man attracts and uses, viz., the cosmic forces.

This will has, of course, to act primarily through the spiritual principles. To make this clearer, let us take an example. In order to stop pain, let us say in the right eye, you have to attract to it the potent magnetism from that cosmic principle which corresponds to this eye and also to Buddhi.

Create, by a powerful will-effort, an imaginary line of communication between the right eye and Buddhi, locating the latter as a center in the same part of the head. This line, though you may call it “imaginary,” is, once you succeed in seeing it with your mental eye and give it a shape and color, in truth as good as real. A rope in a dream is not and yet is. Moreover, according to the prismatic color with which you endow your line, so will the influence act.

Now, Buddhi and Mercury correspond with each other, and both are yellow, or radiant and golden colored. In the human system the right eye corresponds with Buddhi and Mercury, and the left with Manas and Venus or Lucifer. Thus, if your line is golden or silvery it will stop the pain; if red, it will increase it, for red is the color of Kama and corresponds with Mars. 

From: Collected Writings v. 12, pp. 527-28. Esoteric Instructions No. 1

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