What is ORGANIC CROSS POLLINATION? – A brief contemplation

Jan Nicolaas Kind – Brazil

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Organic cross polimation

Our actions are guaranteed to affect others. Because we are not alone in this world, much of our learning about ourselves comes from our interaction with others. Our relationships are our teachers. We learn from each other.  

                                                                                                                        A Tae Yun Kim

Recently readers approached me wondering what I meant by using the expression ORGANIC CROSS POLLINATION.

Cross pollination, in the theosophical context, is a term that was first introduced during an international gathering on the beautiful grounds of the International Theosophical Centre (ITC) in Naarden, the Netherlands, by a former National President of the American Section, Betty Bland. She was referring to the intercommunication among the various theosophical organizations, the exchange of ideas, understandings and approaches towards the teachings as we find them for example in The Secret Doctrine by Helena Blavatsky, and the writings of all those who came after her.  

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Forced fertilization

It needs to be said that theosophists from the various traditions can only learn from each other in a truly open setting, without any preconditions, rules or all determining purposes. If boundaries are drawn beforehand any attempt to really learn will be contrived, resulting in forced fertilization. True cross pollination is an at times difficult exercise in open mindedness, but it can only be successful when it happens spontaneously, naturally; i.e. organically.  

Heartening it certainly is that this organic cross pollination is actually taking place now in many parts of the world: the Netherlands, Portugal, Australia, the USA, India, and Brazil, just to mention a few. Since 2009, Theosophy Forward the e-Magazine and its outlets have offered a platform for all the organizations and it will continue to do so in times to come. With the recent formation of the World Federation of Young Theosophists, the Adyar branch of the Movement is in the vanguard, opening new frontiers with a new generation of enthusiastic theosophists, not linked to the worn out prejudices that kept some of our fellow seekers apart for so long.

Freedom of Thought is embedded into the DNA of Theosophy. As theosophists, we think of ourselves as having open minds and the ability to think for ourselves. Without stepping away from one’s own convictions or beliefs, the open and organic exchange with other seekers, thus learning from each other, will be enriching and ultimately leads to a deep-rooted understanding.

We owe that to ourselves, but most of all to the world!

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