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Whatever your politics, religion or spiritual persuasion, whatever your age, ethnicity or social status or wherever you live, almost everyone alive today feels a creeping sense of malaise and foreboding. Military conflict, social turmoil and eco-doom have become humanity’s default setting.

There’s trouble in the air and an almost universal sense that a major upheaval is about to unfold but no one seems quite sure what is except that it won’t be anything good. There’s a growing feeling that we’re approaching a crucial pivot point on Planet Earth.

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Author Tim Wyatt and Archie the dog, both enjoying the Greek winter sun 

But to quote a hoary old cliché – the darkest hour is always before dawn. And maybe things won’t be as grim and Armageddon-like as so many people predict. But I could be wrong.

What’s clear is that the year 2025 sees the concordance of a number of disparate factors which could have a major and lasting impact on world affairs and the fate of humanity. But is it make or break time?

Deeply malign and anti-spiritual forces have had the upper hand on this globe for countless centuries. Their grip is tightening. Their object has been to imprison, entrap and enslave humanity in an exclusively materialistic paradigm. Down the long millennia these sinister and frankly criminalised elites have consistently attempted to rob mankind of its spiritual identity. The sad truth is that they’ve succeeded magnificently in designing and implementing a harrowing agenda of control and domination.

This war has been raging on the inner planes since Atlantean times when that civilization split into two distinct groups. On one side were the bad guys, the so-called Lords of the Dark Face who attempted to manipulate the forces of nature, engaged in black magic and worshipped nothing but the material world. Opposing them were the Lords of the Shining Countenance whose mission was to liberate the human spirit.

The powers of darkness achieved ascendancy and ultimately this may have contributed to the destruction of that ancient continent. Since then this war between light and darkness has raged unabated on the inner planes, occasionally erupting into the physical world in the form of war, disease, disaster and turmoil.

These dark forces have controlled and constricted human development and aspiration for millennia. They continually adapt and shape-shift to suit the particular times in which they operate. In the modern world they’re the hidden elite cabals of the rich and powerful who wish to ensnare, manipulate and exploit humanity.  

The good news is that their days could be numbered but this depends very much on a fight-back by those with the wisdom and consciousness to see the grim and devastating impact they’ve had and the damage they continue to inflict.      

This writer isn’t alone in believing 2025 to be a deeply significant year.

For one thing it marks the 150th anniversary of the Theosophical Society which was founded in New York in the autumn of 1875. Despite much infighting, conflict and division and even though many have never even heard of it, this modern purveyor of the Ageless Wisdom teachings has had a major and some would say incalculable impact on transforming world consciousness.

Theosophy in its modern incarnation promoted universal brotherhood and notions about the unity of all life many decades before it became fashionable. It introduced previously alien concepts such as reincarnation and karma, universal consciousness and the ubiquity of life throughout the cosmos to Western consciousness. And above all it trounced bigoted religious notions that human beings are essentially wicked and sinful beings who should be ashamed of being born in the first place.

In 2025 important astrological cycles come into play as Pluto makes the transition from Capricorn into Aquarius. Although downgraded to the status of a dwarf planet in 2006, Pluto represents power and control as well as war and conflict but it’s also about transformation – for better or worse. It’s sometimes referred to as the planet of death. It has a 248-year orbit of the sun and intriguingly if we go back two and a half centuries the last time there was such a configuration was back in 1776 – the year The United States declared its independence from Britain.

What happens this time round could also be of key significance.

For those interested in the influence of the Seven Rays, 2025 sees another significant development. At this point the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict – the ray of art and beauty and the ray which has a close affinity to humanity – begins a new cycle after a long period of obscurity. This could also be of particular importance.

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Alice A. Bailey

The British esoteric writer Alice A. Bailey (1880-1949) who over three decades channelled the works of The Tibetan, the Master Djwahl Kuhl, offered some especially interesting insights into another key development 2025. This was clearly outlined especially in her work The Externalization of the Hierarchy. Glibly dismissed as ‘pseudo-theosophy’ by some of the Theosophical Society’s more conservative elements, her work continues to attract huge worldwide interest. Her ideas are currently explored and developed by many contemporary esotericists such as the influential esoteric astrologer Phillip Lindsay. 

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Phillip Lindsay.

One of the key assertions of those supporting these ideas is that in 2025 an important once-in-a-century event is scheduled to take place which could mould global events for the next one hundred years. This is the so-called Conclave of Masters meeting in the Council of Shambhala which is said to take place in the twenty-fifth year of every century. Its purpose is to make key decisions about the future direction of humanity.

Shambhala is usually located at some undisclosed location somewhere in the remotest regions of the Himalayas. According to some it no longer exists in physical form but purely on the etheric levels.

The Masters involved form the Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood or Great White Lodge consisting of a hidden hierarchy of highly advanced beings who are said to govern the world covertly. Otherwise known as The Hierarchy they represent the forces of light who continue their ages-old work of opposing their dark enemies.

Apparently formed during Lemurian times to oversee and assist human evolution these ‘brothers of light’ constitute the hidden collective of wise beings who supervise major developments on this planet. This is done by influencing and overshadowing certain individuals rather than by direct action or intervention. Their key role is to ensure that the so-called divine plan for humanity unfolds as scheduled.

Although these Masters were pivotal in the formation of the Theosophical Society itself, there is by no means a universal acceptance of these advanced beings. Indeed, it has to be said that certain individuals are extremely sceptical about their very existence and to some they’re pure fiction or fantasy. While sometimes assuming physical form it appears that they’re more inclined to use more subtle means. Assuming astral or mental vehicles gives them the ability to overshadow and communicate with selected individuals anywhere across the planet.

Sometimes these Masters are referred to as mahatmas –Sanskrit for ‘great souls’.  Madame Blavatsky eloquently described a mahatma as:

… a personage who by special training and education, has evolved those higher faculties and has attained that spiritual knowledge which ordinary humanity will acquire after passing through numberless series of reincarnations during the process of cosmic evolution, provided, of course, that they do not go in the meanwhile, against the purposes of Nature and this bring on their own annihilation. (1)

Although they represent a covert elite, this hidden brotherhood couldn’t be more different from the shadowy and manipulative elites who continue to dominate, own and control the planet today. The crucial difference is that they’re a spiritual elite – the diametric opposite of the materialistic forces of darkness. Not only are they far advanced beyond the bulk of humanity, they’re a benevolent and benign brotherhood presiding over the evolution of all kingdoms of nature.

The word Master itself can be rather misleading because it suggests that they’re some kind of authoritarian overlords inflicting dominion over humanity. Nothing could be further from the truth because these beings are masters of no one but themselves. They’ve mastered the secrets of life, death and the magnificent mysteries of the cosmos.

It's often asked if these guides of humanity have such influence and putative power, why don’t they take the necessary measures to rid the world of evil and its many destructive influences? Why don’t they rid us of ignorance and step in to dispel the darkness? Apparently, they don’t operate in this way. Direct intervention in human affairs would basically infringe cosmic laws because it would interfere with human beings’ free will and prevent us from using our own resources to overcome these crises ourselves. In other words, it would directly contravene the Law of Karma and therefore damage humanity’s evolution and growth earned through trials, tribulations and problem-solving.

Their approach is far more subtle and their modus operandi is to overshadow individuals and influence chosen groups via the introduction of progressive and sometimes radically revolutionary ideas. Specifically, this brotherhood promotes various philanthropic, artistic, social and scientific ventures as well as other major developments affecting humankind.

It's true to say – certainly in theosophical circles - that some mahatmas have gained far more prominence than others. The most well-known are Masters Morya or Master M and Koot Hoomi or Master KH who communicated with early members of the Theosophical Society by precipitating letters and other communications. They had a major impact in giving Blavatsky her deep esoteric knowledge and on her work, especially the writing of her magnum opus The Secret Doctrine.

Other Masters are also mentioned in the esoteric literature notably Master Jupiter, The Venetian Master, Master Serapis, Master Hilarion, Master Jesus, Master Rakoczi and The English Master .

According to Phillip Lindsay, the next centennial meeting of The Conclave is scheduled to take place at the time of the Wesak (May) full moon in May 2025. The last such gathering in 1925 featured a number of important developments such as the founding of the New Group of World Servers, a network of spiritually-minded people of goodwill working co-operatively to promote global enlightenment via the will-to-good, right human relations, brotherhood, service to humanity and unity.

At the 1925 conclave the Hierarchy ‘shifted gears’ for the first time since the days of the Atlantean civilization more than 12,000 years ago, a time when they ceased direct contact with humanity. Then they transferred from the mental to the buddhic plane (the realm of wisdom-intuition, a state of consciousness above the mental).

Top of the agenda at the 2025 Conclave is the possible physical reappearance of these Masters and their direct involvement with humanity for the first time in twelve millennia and the timing of that ‘externalization’. This is said to present enormous potential difficulties for the initiates involved because stepping down their vibrations on to the physical plane is said to be an extremely demanding and uncomfortable process.

For this to happen certain conditions or ‘recognitions’ need to be fulfilled. Firstly, the acceptance that humans are essentially souls occupying physical bodies; secondly, an acknowledgement of the existence of this Hierarchy; and thirdly, the understanding that there’s such a thing as a divinely-inspired plan for humanity.

Whether any such recognitions have been made is a moot point. Sceptics might argue we’re very far away from this.

And it goes without saying that the shadow forces which predominate in our modern world will no doubt do absolutely everything with their considerable power to prevent this re-appearance. The dark legions have had the world in their thrall for a very long time and naturally they’re reluctant to relinquish that.

The fight, then, is on. But does humanity have the will or capability of finally defeating an enemy which has triumphed for so long? Because it’s humanity and not the Masters who must ultimately achieve this.


      (1) HPB’s text was first published in The Theosophist, in July 1884.

           It was also published in Theosophical Articles, H. P. Blavatsky, Theosophy Co., Los Angeles, 1981, vol. I, pp. 293- 294. 

Readers who are interested in the works of Phillip Lindsay follow this link:

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