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Be welcome …always

A mystical observation by Richard Dvořák   

richard dvořák

Richard, worldcitizen, photographer. author and theosophist

During our walk yesterday, Gudrun, my wife for 27 years, and I, were talking about Putin’s war but we fell silent after some time, mainly because it is hard to talk while walking “uphill” at a fast pace.

I began working out ideas for this specific contribution to Theosophy Forward. When we reached the top, this row of poplars always seems to greet me from afar, and a photo series shot during the blue hour in the winter of 2016 came to my mind.

At first, the idea was to contrast the third image in the series below with three other ones taken from about the same distance, but in different seasons.

Approaching those friendly “beings”, cause that’s what trees are, I recalled another series of less friendly trees, which brought my thoughts back to Putin’s war.  Gudrun and I picked up our conversation about that horrifying conflict again, and I had to think of a book which I am currently reading entitled: The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity by David Graeber and David Wengrow.

When we were passing the last tree in this row, there was suddenly  a strong sense of profound comfort, it felt almost like a hug. I stopped talking to observe them and feel one with them. I always sense the gentleness of these beings and realized the feeling they invoke:

I am Welcome to this World.

Something that I would wish for Putin to experience, as it will make any war seem unnecessary and absolutely pointless.

Public Eye RD b

Public Eye RD c

Public Eye RD d

Public Eye RD e

All photos © Richard Dvořák   

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