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A note from Joma Sipe in Portugal - JULY, AUGUST 2021

Joma S

Joma Sipe, a driven artist and a very special Friend, on this photo being interviewed by a major Portuguese television station 

Dear all, 

After the work for the Frontispiece for The First Salon of Theosophy, I prepared the Frontispiece for The European School of Theosophy 2021, directed by Erica Georgiades, and the Frontispiece for The Lucifer Collection edited by Erica Georgiades and Juliet Bates.

This last Frontispiece was inspired by the very first cover of Lucifer Magazine, which appeared on September 15, 1887, edited by H. P. Blavatsky and Mabel Collins.  I prepared a small review of the Lucifer covers and paid attention to  on Reginald W. Machell, the artist that produced the 1893 cover.

I had my work “Message III (Illuminated Version)” printed on the cover for the January 2021 edition of The Theosophist. This meant much to me because this famous periodical was first published by H. P. Blavatsky in 1879, during her stay in India.

Additionally, I started to prepare a Custom design of Mandalas, especially personalized for each person, who wants to order one. I would require some personal details the person wants to have implemented on the Personalized Mandala, or leave it fully up to me to design. This has been a fine project and I share the first one that was made. This one combines the two designs that I had already done, the one in gold, with silver ink pens and crystals on black paper, and the other one, in a 3-way illuminated version.

LUCIFER the history of the cover. Click HERE

Joma Sipe frontipiece for LUCIFER. Click HERE

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Public Eye b JS 212 The First Salon of Theosophy The Antechamber Final Finished Work

“The First Salon of Theosophy (The Antechamber) (Final Finished Work)

Public Eye c 1 JS 212 THE EUROPEAN SCHOOL OF THEOSOPHY 2021 Frontispiece Final web 6


Public Eye c 2 212 JS The Lucifer Collection 2021 Frontispiece

“The Lucifer Collection 2021 Frontispiece” 

Public Eye f 212 JS The Theosophist Cover January 2021

“The Theosophist Cover January 2021” 

Public Eye g 212 JS Joma Sipe Personalized Mandala

“Joma Sipe Personalized Mandala”



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