Theosophy and the Society in the Public Eye

Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring?

A look at life by Richard Dvořák   

Medley 121 RD b

A seemingly dormant forest 

Each spring, there is a transformation one can tune into. From the dormant and energy conserving winter hibernation into an outburst of life force in spring. All we have to do is to spent some time in nature and observe. Stand still for a few moments. There is a joy that comes with those fresh colors and the first warm rays of the sun.

Medley 121 RD c

The first bumblebee on the first few open blossoms of a cherry plum tree

Every spring once again I am amazed. The older I get, the more inspiring and uplifting  these most intelligent beings are, the real rulers of earth: the plants. How they manage to always seize the right moment to grow, to multiply and to spread. Overcoming any obstacle, any setback. Always providing, always growing for the benefit of future generations. How they are in constant contact and in exchange. It is obvious that without plants no animal life is possible on this planet. There is an intelligence here, that far surpasses that of us animals.

Medley 121 RD d

A jogger taking a break in the sun

If we could cultivate a similar attitude towards life, to look at our own growth as something essential to the whole of creation rather than some sort of "personal achievement". 

If that indeed would happen, I think much will definitely change.

Medley 121 RD e

The Primula elatior or True Oxlip 



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