Theosophy and the Society in the Public Eye

Dreamful Reality – a photo series by Richard Dvořák

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Richard, author, photographer and regular contributor to Theosophy Forward

Richard says:  

Like in spring, in the weeks before the first Corona wave surged in Germany, my dreams became very vivid, and in the weeks prior to the second Corona wave this winter, they became lucid even. 

In these dreams I was guided through series of scenes with large groups of people - always divided into smaller units and often in public places like airports, coliseums or traveling in groups of buses.

In most of these scenes I was traveling with what Ravi Ravindra calls fellow searchers - various people from the different groups and nations I am active in: the Theosophical Society, the Gurdjieff Society, the Vereinigung der SETHfreunde and several NGO’s.

The base note was one of joy and the scenes were always very bright and colorful. The topics themselves very often had to do with some form of debate, distress, decay and even death.

In our morning walks, usually after writing down these dreams, my attention was drawn to subjects representing a similar quality or mood in these dreams. As all perennial plants retreat in the fall in preparation for winter, so it seems we need to retreat into our own core in this pandemic.

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