Theosophy and the Society in the Public Eye

Photos by Richard Dvořák - # 9

Spring Fields, photos taken on an early evening in May 2014

I was on my way home from a Gurdjieff Group meeting in Bavaria, which is about a two-and-a-half hour drive on mostly country roads. Because of its extraordinary beauty, I wanted to take that first shot of a solitary tree, but on this stretch of the road there was no hard shoulder and it was not possible to stop the car. Consequently I had to drive quite a bit further, until I was able to leave the car on a parking lot and hiked all the way back to the location where I had spotted the tree.

Once back in my own car, only ten minutes down that same road, after passing some hills, I saw the same rapeseed fields hit by rays of sunlight against the dark storm cloud background, so I stopped and setup my tripod once more to take the other shots.

If photography is painting with light, I always look out for colors and contrasts. Many times I have to tweak the colors in post processing to get the right results - in this case the evening sun was just at the right angle, and all I had to do was selecting viewpoint and exposure.

Public Eye RD 9 b

Public Eye Rd 9 c 58476

Public Eye RD 9 d 58485

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