Theosophy and the Society in the Public Eye

A note from Joma Sipe in Portugal – Second Quarter 2019

Public Eye JS 1 a 2

I am always happy to inform readers of Theosophy Forward about what I have been doing recently.

Started a new mandala series, following the Sri Yantra Series with a symbol representing a Merkaba, this time using silver based ink pens and white crystals, each with a different and special design around the main symbol.

I continue reading Helena Roerich’s Leaves from Morya´s Garden, and am getting inspired to do a series of new artworks related to this book and Agni Yoga writings and poetry.

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Am adding more items to my Theosophical Memorabilia like an awesome copper-alloy ashtray that I have bought from a London based seller at eBay, with the Theosophical Society’s main symbols, the seller could not tell me the date of fabrication, but by looking at it, it appears not to be an object that was made recently.

Another amazing object related to the Theosophical Society, Point Loma, is a sterling silver spoon, representing the State of California with its wonderful monuments and rich history. We can see the Raja-Yoga complex of buildings and the main entrance of the port.

Also an interesting finding is the 1950 edition of Adyar by C. R. Groves with lovely and unique photographs of Theosophical Headquarters at Adyar.

Public Eye JS 1 b Adyar by C. R. Groves 1950 1

Adyar by C. R. Groves 1950 (1)

Public Eye JS 1 c Adyar by C. R. Groves 1950 2

Adyar by C. R. Groves 1950 (2)

Public Eye JS 1 d Sterling Spoon Raja Yoga 1

“Sterling Silver Spoon with Raja-Yoga, Theosophical Society, Point Loma Buildings”

Public Eye JS 1 e Sterling Spoon Raja Yoga 2

Detail Sterling Silver Spoon

Public Eye JS 1 f Copper Alloy Ashtray

Copper/alloy ashtray with the Theosophical Society's main symbols” 

For your convenience, hereby some other panels of mine, ENJOY! 

Public Eye JS 1 g Theosophia Geometrica IX Illuminated Version web 2

Theosophia Geometrica VII (Illuminated Version) 

Public Eye JS 1 h Theosophia Geometrica VII Illuminated Version web

Theosophia Geometrica VIII (Illuminated Version) 

Public Eye JS 1 i Theosophia Geometrica VIII Illuminated Version web

Theosophia Geometrica 

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