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David Grossman – USA

David is a regular contributor to Theosophy Forward.

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New York’s concrete jungle

I am one of 4.25 billion people who lives in an urban environment. We make up 55% of the world’s population. Large cities have creative energies, diverse possibilities for work, cultural and educational institutions along with many other amenities, They incorporate new technologies that were called science fiction just a few decades ago. Yet their artificiality has cut us off from the natural world, literally affecting our biorhythms, and causing psychological abnormalities in our lives, blocking our sense of connection and responsibility towards each other & the earth itself. We seem to have lost touch with both the spiritual and physical rhythms of life.

Scientifically conducted studies show people who take walks in natural or even semi-natural habitats are helped by these experiences. Blood pressure goes down, muscle tension and stress hormones dissipate. Being in nature and even just viewing nature scenes reduces anger, fear and stress. People who spend time in nature also report they think more clearly and creatively.

I live in New York City, an intense, dense, urban environment. For years I have made Prospect Park in Brooklyn where I live a regular part of my routine. It has been a refuge and a recharging station for me on all levels of my being. What follows are a few scattered moments from over the years that I have extracted from this sanctuary.                                            

All photos: © David M Grossman

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