Theosophy and the Society in the Public Eye

A note from Joma Sipe in Portugal

Public Eye Joma Sipe A 2

Joma the artist

I am more than happy to inform readers of Theosophy Forwardagain about what I have been doing recently. Still working on the “Lumine Stellarum”, which are small projects that can be seen on my website, and my personal Facebook page. Check it out here:

Website, click here 

Facebook, click here 

Am adding more items to my Theosophical Memorabilialike a second edition of “The Secret Doctrine”, 1888, Volume I – Cosmogenesis. Contrary to the other major editions of “The Secret Doctrine”, this one does not have the blueish contemporary cloth with golden gilt symbols of the TS, but is has a beautiful brown contemporary cloth, with black designs and the same gold gilt TS symbols. This completes my set of “The Secret Doctrine” First Major Editions, starting with the original W. Q. J. first 1888 edition, New York, the original 1893 “revised edition”, the original 1895 index and the original 1897 “volume III”.

Public Eye Joma Sipe B The Secret Doctrine 1888 Second Edition

“The Secret Doctrine”, Second edition, 1888, Volume I – Cosmogenesis”


Public Eye Joma Sipe C The Secret Doctrine Joma Sipe Editions Collection

“The Secret Doctrine”, Joma Sipe Editions Collection

To “complete” my note from Portugal, for your convenience, hereby some other panels of mine


Public Eye Joma Sipe Theosophia Geometrica I Illuminated Version

Theosophia Geometrica I Illuminated Version


Public Eye Joma Sipe Theosophia Geometrica II Illuminated Version

Theosophia Geometrica II  Illuminated Version


Public Eye Joma Sipe Theosophia Geometrica III Original Version

Theosophia Geometrica III Original Version

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