Theosophy and the Society in the Public Eye

Photos by Richard Dvořák

Public Eye Richard A 2

Richard Dvořák

Richard is a well-known Theosophist in the Adyar Society. He lives in Germany, is a world traveler and his  photos taken during sessions of the School of the Wisdom, International Conventions, seminars and Federation gatherings, have been widely distributed. He has agreed to show some of his other material on Theosophy Forwardon a regular basis, for which we are very appreciative. He introduces a first series of three magnificent photos with a favorite quote of his from the  Bhagavad Gita.

“You have a right only to action, never to its fruit. Do not let your motive be the fruits of action, but do not be attached to inaction. O Dhananjaya, do your work established in yoga and abandon attachment. Be impartial to success or failure, for yoga is equanimity...Yoga is skill in action.” [Chapter 2, Shlokas 47-48, 50]

This series of images were taken on Feb 9th, 2014 during a short stay in a New Delhi hotel, using a 15mm fixed lens and long exposures, between 10 and 25 seconds.

After attending the School of the Wisdom in Adyar in January 2014 with Ravi Ravindra, the city noise kept me up, so I went up on the roof of the hotel and discovered a skylight, positioned straight above the dimly lit stairwell of the hotel. The skylight had 4 panes of very thick (and therefore blue), multilayered safety glass, one of which was broken. Shooting through the broken glass resulted in this hazy texture of the first image (RD-b). The second image was shot through the intact (but quite dirty) pane of glass (RD-c). The third image (RD-d) is a result of moving the camera during long exposure pointing at the skylight first and then quickly pointing at the city lights.

Public Eye Richard B 20140209201459 51944 2

Image RD-b


Public Eye Richard C 20140209201640 51948 1

Image RD-c

Public Eye Richard D 20140209202207 51952 1

Image RD-d

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