Theosophy and the Society in the Public Eye

Aquarelles by Armand Alexey Davidovich

Public Eye Armand 2

The artist

In a previous issue of Theosophy Forwardin the category THE SOCIETY, you’ll find a mini-interview with Armand, who is a Russian Theosophist. His interview wasn’t the most detailed or longest we’ve ever published over the past years, but Armand is certainly an interesting friend of ours and a very talented artist. 

For the interview click here          

At times art forms speak louder than words, so it is with pleasure that we continue to present some of Armand’s inspiring watercolors. Enjoy …

Public Eye Armand 3 2

The beaver night

Public Eye Armand 4



Public Eye Armand 5

The Hop


Public Eye Armand 6

The Enisei river near by Kyzyl town


Public Eye Armand 7

Three elephants (the Sea of Japan near Vladivostok)


To be continued

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