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David Grossman’s Psychometry Series

 Public Eye David Grossman 2

The artist

David Grossman (photo above, taken by his daughter Liliana) is a good friend of ours and a gifted photographer. On Theosophy Forward we have used many of his images, and in this issue we publish the first five at times provocative photos, which will arouse your fantasy and curiosity. He introduces the series with a quotation by William Q. Judge:

“Theosophists and occultists from the earliest times have held that every object in the world receives and keeps all impressions, not only of all objects that stand before it, but also of all that happens before it; that these impressions are indelible and can at any time be taken off by man's nervous system and from that reported to the mind; and, therefore, that if we possess a piece of stone from the Roman Forum, we can reproduce to the mind, as clearly as a picture, all that happened in the Forum.”

Psychometry, by W.Q. Judge, The Platonist, Jan.1884

David continues:

The above statement by William Judge implies that our every thought and feeling are recorded like a sheet of photographic film can record an image of what the camera is focused on but remains latent until through a chemical process the image is revealed. So the psychometrist has the capability to view, bring forth the latent images imbedded in an object. This type of clairvoyance is called psychometry.

It was this basic idea that the life and experience of mankind is recorded and preserved within our creations. Just as every outer action has an inner (intelligent) impulse so every form, animate and inanimate reflects an informing intelligence (spirit). It was while musing over these ideas back in the 1980’s that the impulse for this collection of photographic images was born. I called it “Psychometry Series.”

What revelations about the past ethnologists and archeologists would have if they employed true psychometrists in their work.

Public Eye David Grossman 3

Public Eye David Grossman 4

Public Eye David Grossman 5

Public Eye David Grossman 6

Public Eye David Grossman 7

To be continued...


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