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Jan Nicolaas Kind – Brazil

Aveline’s “bagunça”

bagunca carlos aveline
What is bagunça?

When Theosophists go after other Theosophists, no matter what the argument is about, I believe one enters a red danger zone and caution is needed.

With the publication of his latest book, Carlos Cardoso Aveline from Brazil has stirred emotions left and right. Because of the way this release was handled a fiery discussion erupted on a Theosophical Facebook site. Shortly before this publication, those who belong to Aveline’s circle had been overactive on various social networking sites, performing their dreary mantra, deliberately ignoring rules moderators had implemented, not paying attention to warnings, repeating themselves again and again and above all incapable of engaging in a respectful dialogue.

Their chant “we are veracious and know it all; others, not on our line of thinking are nothing but petty pseudo theosophists”, is well-known to many. Thanks to a few brave souls Aveline and his tiny group of die-hard admirers were seriously questioned, put on the right spot and even banned from some social networking sites.

Don’t want to talk about the book, don’t want to discuss or touch the way Aveline thinks he needs to present himself, that’s entirely up to him. I do want to point out the irony of Aveline who allegedly aligns himself with a respected Theosophical tradition, where the importance of personalities is specifically minimized, and then directly attacks personalities of people he has problems with. He adores being the protector of what he considers the truth; he needs an audience and seems to enjoy shocking others, which attracts some youngsters mainly in Brazil, Portugal and Italy. But is this Theosophy?

Modesty, kindness, friendliness or simply tolerance, words so essential for any Theosophist from any tradition are not to be found in Aveline’s dictionary. Instead, going through his revelations, one is primarily confronted with darkish anger, frustration and resentment. On these three pillars it is hard, if not impossible to build a Theosophical house.

So far it is all up to Aveline and his group. He is obviously totally free to decorate his own life, following the path he wants to follow, writing whatever he wants to write and publishing that what he thinks should be published.

It all turns rather unacceptable however, when Aveline makes the grave error to go after persons who have chosen not to defend themselves, hunting them ceaselessly, accusing them, while claiming that he is defending the Old Lady and the teachings as he understands them, centering his thesis and allegations on what he, very subjectively, sees as being accurate. I wonder what our Old Lady would have thought of such a defender.

Anyway, it’s clear that he has a dispute with John Algeo, which is fine with me too, we cannot always agree with each other, but like a howling coyote lost in the desert he initiates and revives his by now worn out accusations. By doing so he has crossed a line.

carlos aveline
Howling coyote

With the publication of his book and introducing it as he did Aveline is doing his well-known and provocative bit again but has gone past what is generally accepted as being decent, morally or socially appropriate, so I consider his most recent comments regarding John Algeo very indecent.

Let me clarify:

From Aveline’s own website and supplying the reader with a direct link I reproduce in Portuguese:

Aparentemente, os diretores da Theosophy Company não podiam aceitar a publicação de um livro que, ao defender HPB, criticaria o Dr. John Algeo, um notável divulgador de mentiras e falsidades contra a fundadora do movimento. Na época, Algeo tinha forte influência política internacional.”

Follow this link:

Translated into English:

"Apparently the directors of Theosophy Company could not accept the publication of a book defending HPB that would attack Dr. John Algeo, an outstanding promoter of lies and falsehoods against the founder of the movement. At the time, Algeo had strong influence in international politics."

The line regarding Theosophy Company in Los Angeles although interesting is not relevant; it is the phrase in which John Algeo, a man who dedicated his entire life to Theosophy is labeled “an outstanding promoter of lies and falsehoods against the founder of the movement.”

Shame on you Carlos….

Next to this, Aveline in this one and other epistles bearing his name refers erroneously to John Algeo’s so called political stance as in regards to the controversial 2008 election for International President of the Adyar TS. Here he makes a terrible mess, in Portuguese the language spoken in Brazil the word for “mess” is bagunça, of facts and recorded historical material and goes solely by what some, who had their own agenda at the time, told him. Aveline never had any direct access to what actually took place in 2008, nor was he involved in any of the proceedings, he was not in any way a player in the drama and bases his vague and bias conclusions on hearsay and gossip.

Carlos Cardoso Aveline, Brazilian, amateur historian, self-styled expert, journalist and author might have studied the teachings and by doing so he probably gained some knowledge.

Knowledge is one thing…Wisdom another.

To obtain Wisdom and be a beacon one must practice service and be unpretentious, compassionate and endlessly tolerant, not heartless and arrogant.

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