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1. What´s your name, where are you from and how long have you been a member of the TS?

My name is Lalibel and I am from The Hague, the Netherlands. I am connected to the Theosophical Society Point Loma for 2 years now and became a member of this society in September 2017.

2. Are you active in your Lodge/Section and if so, what do you do?

Something I find very special about the Theosophical Society Point Loma is how organically the society works. There is room for people to get involved, develop skills and contribute qualities. Because of this, members are happy and radiate motivation! I started translating articles and lectures from Dutch to English and from English to Dutch. Soon after this I joined several meetings to think along and share ideas from a newcomer’s perspective. One of the meetings I started to join were those of our magazine group, Lucifer – the Light-bringer. After a while I started writing my first article, which I had never done before. For the International Theosophy Conferences, I created and maintain the new website Shortly after I was asked to help with the audio and video at ITC 2017 in Philadelphia. With a small group, we made sure the cameras were rolling and that Livestream was broadcasted to make it possible for people at home to join ITC. Now ITC 2017 has passed, I will continue to focus on writing the article and maintaining websites.

3. How did you first learn about Theosophy or come in contact with the Society?

My partner told me about Theosophy. When he told me about it and I read about it, I knew this is where I need to be!

4. What does Theosophy mean to you?

To me Theosophy is the universal vision on life. True Wisdom that guides people and helps people to find their way. Theosophy has helped me to answer several life questions and because of this it has clarified much of life to me. It has helped me to get rid of this vague feeling that there must be some purpose to life, but not knowing what it is.

5. What is your favorite Theosophical book and why?

I can’t say that I like any Theosophical book in particular. Any book that contains valuable truths and sheds light on life, is a favorite book to me! What I do like about The Secret Doctrine, however, is that it is the book that unites all Theosophical streams. Therefore, I like The Secret Doctrine.

6. What in your opinion is the biggest challenge the TS is facing at the moment?

Reaching people and making them aware of Theosophy. Many people are unaware of the existence of Theosophy and of the value it can offer them. It is a challenge to penetrate through the tremendous amount of information and stimuli. Currently there are so many adverts on Yoga, Mindfulness, etc., but very few of these lectures/courses are truly able to give people durable tools to be able to help themselves; a universal vision on life and with it a purpose.

7. Is there anything you would wish for the future of the Theosophical Movement?

I wish for the theosophical movement in general – all people, theosophists or not – that Theosophy is seen as something that does not stand apart from (daily) life. The value of Theosophy lies in the integration of Theosophy with life. The combination must make sense and make life more logical.For theosophical organizations, I wish to be in touch with each other. Not so much that we should do everything together, but that whenever we can be of use to each other in our genuine missions, we know where to find the other. I think that International Theosophy Conferences could be a perfect vehicle for this.


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