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Good News from Brazil

The international YOUTH gathering in BRAZIL, which took place place at the Theosophical Institute near Brasilia from February 6 until February 10 was an awesome happening. Guest speaker was international president Tim Boyd and participants came from Brazil, Argentina, Spain the Netherlands, Italy, Hungary and England. It was an event entirely organized by the young folks themselves and they did so very well. It was uplifting to notice that Theosophy is very much alive among the youngsters and Tim Boyd reached out to them on several occasions during the gathering and when delivering his talks. It is well understood in Brazil that the TS must connect with younger people who are searching to find ways to give deeper meanings to their lives. General Secretary Marcos de Resende has really done much not only to integrate younger members, but also to have them actively working.

A participant from Italy, addressing the world-wide Theosophical community, wrote the following inspiring lines directly after the meeting:

“It should be possible to organize similar youth events in your own countries, in your own cities with your own Theosophical circle. Share with your Theosopical family that the Theosophical Society is ALIVE!”

Just a thought: it would be an excellent idea if sections world-wide could come to an agreement to have this international youth gathering take place at least once a year. Theosophically speaking there is urgent need to start investing in young people and the grounds of the Theosophical Institute near Brasilia offer an excellent setting for this. Sections can select young and active members and sponsor them in order to finance the air-fare to Brazil. It seems that the Brazilian Section is open for this initiative; its leadership is prepared to investigate the idea into detail and help out where possible.

Tim Boyd, accompanied by his wife Lily did a number of radio and TV interviews, but also went to the Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro where he was received warmly and enthusiastically.

Tim Boyd and wife Lily waiting to enter the TV studio in Brasilia

Getting “wired” in the studio, from left to right: Ulysses Riedel, translator Eduardo Weaver and Tim Boyd

On the far left Marcos de Resende accompanied by daughter Helena on his lap, introducing Tim Boyd to the young Theosophists at the Theosophical Institute

Young Theosophists during an activity at the Mandala at the Theosopical Institute

What about a talk in nature without electricity? Marco Aurelio Bilibio speaks to the young Theosophists over a PA system with batteries …

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