Conflict: A Consideration

Jan Nicolaas Kind – Brazil

Some time ago, a friend sent me a copy of a letter by Helena Roerich. The letter is significant, wise, and relevant, so I am delighted to publish the following excerpts from it on Theosophy Forward. I dedicate these passages to those who search for truth and justice, who separate sense from nonsense and distinguish light from dark, and who are fearless and committed, knowing that noble silence speaks louder than words.

A young Helena Roerich

Letters of Helena Roerich, vol. 2, from letter 17, 18 November 1935:

Learn to love creative conflict. Know how to put your ear to the earth and to illumine your hearts in great expectancy. . . .

Last year was made especially eventful by the aggressions against enlightened undertakings. And yet, good omens were even more numerous. For the birth of new energies, these collisions of Light with darkness are necessary. For the purpose of healing, water has to be agitated; nothing is worse than stagnant water. . .

[Remember] the wise words of Confucius, who said that the one who does not react to slander, which is slowly absorbed by the brain, nor to insults, which, like sores, injure the body—that one verily can be called wise; he who takes no notice of either slander or insults can be called far-sighted. Precisely, far-sightedness points out the insignificance of all slanders before the face of historical truth when the Higher Justice pronounces its verdict on a world scale. . . .

But we know how the Great Teachers look upon the betrayers. Indeed, “The Teacher permits the beginning of a new step. Betrayal is an attribute of such ascent. The Teacher considers the manifestation of abuse useful. The Teacher regards a dish of slander as a wonderful offering. The manifestation of slander brings tension of atmosphere, and each tension is already an ascent. Let the ignorant dance, they arouse the waves. The traitors will be overthrown.” Thus, in full calmness and trust in the Guiding Hand we will continue to build. . . .

“Let us rejoice at the manifestation of victory. People will still not see it for some time, but it is already here. Wait, impatient ones; not the eye but the heart determines victory. When a fiery structure is already realized in the Subtle World, then may the hearts of the builders rejoice. Those who sleep do not feel it if they are carried out of the house, but space is already singing.”
[Fiery World III]


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