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Edited by Bib Leo Phyle -- Planet Earth

Epstein, Robert, compiler. The Quotable Krishnamurti. Wheaton, IL: Quest Books, Theosophical Publishing House, 2011. Pp. xxvi + 147. $12.95

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti’s writings, like his life, are a puzzling labyrinth. People tend to respond to both the man and the literature in diverse ways. For Krishnamurti fans, this collection of brief quotations is a useful way of seeing what he had to say on a variety of subjects. For those unfamiliar with the Krishnamurti writings (which are mainly transcriptions of talks he gave), this little volume is an excellent introduction.

The book consists of several hundred topics with one or more sentences or short paragraphs setting forth Krishnamurti’s comments on those topics, which range from “acceptance” to “you are the world.” The book also has an informative introduction by Epstein on Krishnamurti, the man and his teachings.

Robert Epstein

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