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Theosophy: NEW- Radha Burnier about Annie Besant; NEW-The Golden Hour: A Turning of the Cycle. Tim Boyd; NEW- Imagining Theosophy for the Future, Catalina Isaza Cantor-Agnihotri; NEW-Theosophy and Belief, Wesley Amerman; NEW-Life Visible and Invisble, H. P. Blavatsky; NEW-Everything is Life, H. P. Blavatsky; NEW-Civilization’s Invasion of Nature, H. P. Blavatsky; NEW-In the Light of Theosophy; NEW-On getting rich, B.P. Wadia; NEW-The hidden meaning of Christmas, Catalina Isaza Cantor Agninhotri; NEW-The Yoga of Theosophy, Pablo Sender; NEW-Transforming the World, Barbara Hebert; NEW-Lawfulness, Ali Ritsema; NEW-The Path of Goodness, Erica Georgiades; NEW-The Relevance of Krishnaji's Teachings, Clemice Petter; NEW-A sublime Foreword, Jonathan Colbert; The Teacher, Ananya Sri Ram Rajan; Theosophical Dont's, William Q. Judge; In the Light of Theosophy - Forgiveness; The Paradox of Self-Transformation, Tim Boyd; Katherine Tingley as I knew her, Boris de Zirkoff; In the Light of Theosophy, A closer look at the Dead Sea Scrolls; All you need is love, Barbara Hebert; The writings of H. P. Blavatsky, Boris de Zirkoff; The Supreme Duty, Annie Besant; An Esoteric View of Pandamics, Pablo Sender;The Myth of Man's Origin and Development-part two, Joy Mills; The Teacher,Tim Boyd; Seeing through Our Heart. Ali Ritsema; Understanding, Sharing, Loving, Terezinha Franca-Kind; Why Study Theosophy?, A Trevor Barker; The Paralysis of Movement: Liberating Mankind from the oppression of a Djinn, Arni Narendran;The Mahatmas as Ideals and Facts, William Quan Judge; The Process of Self Enquiry: Slowing Down, Ananya Sri Ram Rajan; The Myth of Man's Origin and Development-part one, Joy Mills:Just Imagine ..., Barbara Hebert; Human Regeneration, part twenty-six, Radha Burnier; Even if you die, there's always Reincarnation,Tim Wyatt; Is there Justice in this World-Drama?, Boris de Zirkoff; In the Light of Theosophy; James (Jim) Colbert, A Tribute 1 & 2-Glimpses of a Life, Jonathan Colbert and Jan Nicolaas Kind

Theosophy and the Society in the Public Eye: NEW-Dreamful Reality, a photo series by Richard Dvořák; NEW-A Note from Joma Sipe in Portugal (December 2020); NEW-Beyond the Mundane Reality, David Grossman; A Note from Joma Sipe in Portugal (September-October 2020)HAPPINESS but also CONTEMPLATION, demonstrated through CULTURAL DIVERSITY, an interactive photo series by David Grossman; Photos by Richard Dvořák, Spring Fields; A Note from Joma Sipe in Portugal April/May; Kissing, Caring and Loving, David Grossman

Quotations: NEW-About TIME, by Catherine Pulsifer, Cheryl Richardson, Kahlil Gibran, Carl Sandburg,Tara Ross  

Miscellany and Trivia: NEW-Inspirational Stories: Stop chasing happiness; Stop stressing so much; What are friends for ...?; You are not going to get  anything handed to you; Focus on the good things in life

The Society: NEW-From your editor’s desk: TO START OFF 2021; NEW-Mini interviews with Amanda Winter Marques; NEW-International Conventions of the Theosophical Society, Adyar; Mini Interviews with Lonny Marie García Hernández, Professor Shinde, Charles Angelo Boeira and José Leonardo Curihuinca; NEW-Five Years from Now, Tim Wyatt; Mini interview with Paurnamasi Pattnaik; Listening to Adyar: A Vibrant Centre with Multiople Voices, Cataline Isaza Cantor; Mini interview with Pranab Misra; Mini interview with Lipa Rath; Alka-Sellzer or Viagra?, Jan Nicolaas Kind; Mini interview with Catalina Isaza Cantor; Mini interview with Hilary Lillie; Mini interview with Gabriel Burgos;Editorial-Being free ,,, (really), Jan Nicolaas Kind; Mini interview with Enrico Sempi; Mini-interview with Silvia Caprari; Mini-interview with Kayla Upton; Mini-interview with Mark Becking; Editorial: The Craft of being Open Minded, Jan Nicolaas Kind; Mini-interviews with Janne Vuononvirta, José van der Loop, Fernando Mansur and Shyam Singh Gautam

Good News:NEW-Good News about the European School of Theosophy – Edward Abdill, MEMORIES OF DORA; Theosophy in the workplace, the TOS speaks with Esteban Langlois MD; Good News from Adyar Theosophical Academy (ATA);Good News from Adyar-A DREAM COME TRUE

Lengua Espaňola: NEW-Mini entrevistas Lonny Marie García Hernández; NEW-Katherine Tingley, como la conocí, Boris de Zirkoff; Dos pensamientos sobre la libertad, Jan Nicolaas Kind; aíces y brotes, Dorothy Bell

Lingua Italiana: NEW-Mini-interviste Lonny Marie García Hernández; NEW-Katherine Tingley come l’ho conosciuta, Boris de Zirkoff; Due pensieri sulla libertà, Jan Nicolaas Kind; Radici e virgulti, Dorothy Bell                                                      

Língua Portuguesa: NEW-Minientrevista Lonny Marie García Hernández; NEW-Katherine Tingley como a conhecemos, Boris de Zirkoff; Dois pensamentos sobre a liberdade,Jan Nicolaas Kind ;Raízes e Brotos, Dorothy Bell

Langue Française: NEW-Mini–entretien Lonny Marie Garcia Hernández; NEW-Katherine Tingley telle que je l’ai connue, Boris de Zirkoff; Deux pensées à propos de la Liberté, Jan Nicolaas Kind; Des racines et des pousses, Dorothy Bell

Theosophical Encyclopedia: In collaboration with the editors-in-chief of the Theosophical Encyclopedia and Theosophical History, Mr. Vicente Hao Chin Jr., and Professor James Santucci, and the Officer in Charge of the Adyar Archives, Jaishree Kannan,Theosophy Forward publishes the following entries: NEW-H.N. Stokes' early contact with the Theosophical Society; New-Theosophy and the Theosophical Societies - part 1, 2, 3 ,4 and 5 (2020 version); Shinto; H.N. Stokes and the O.E. Library, James Santucci; Aura; Immortality; The Objects of The Theosophical Society; Historical photos from the Surendra Narajan Archives, FEATURING MARY ANDERSON

Notable Books: “READING IS A CONVERSATION. ALL BOOKS TALK. BUT A GOOD BOOK LISTENS AS WELL, Mark Haddon; go to Notable Books 48, compiled by Ralph Hannon

Medley: NEW-Opportunity knocks for the isolated esoterist, Tim Wyatt; NEW-Focus A simplicity manifesto in the Age of Distraction: Part 31, Leo BabautaNEW-Being alone and socializing with others each contributes differently to personal growth; NEW-Disagreeing takes up a lot of brain real estate; NEW-On True Friendship, James E. Tepfer; No Humour please, we're Esoterists,Tim Wyatt; Why life can get better as we age; Yoga and meditation reduce chronic pain;  Brain waves can be used to predict future pain sensitivity; Exploding stars may have caused mass extinction on Earth, study shows; What are Words Worth?, Jan Nicolaas Kind

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