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Theosophy: NEW- To a Statue of H.P.B. Sometime to be Carved Out of a Mountain, Kenneth Morris; NEW-Is There a Call?, Boris de Zirkoff; NEW-Doing Theosophy, John Algeo; NEW-In the Light of Theoeophy-about relationships; NEW-The Well of  Insight; NEW-Two Kinds of Wisdom, H.P. Blavatsky; NEW-Sowing Fresh Spiritual Seeds, Einar Adalsteinsson; NEW-The Difficult Truth, Tim Boyd; NEW-What do Theosophists Do?, Barbara Hebert 

Theosophy and the Society in the Public Eye: NEW-When things are not so good, David Grossman; NEW-Learning, David Grossman; NEW-Photos by Richard Dvořák, MOON SHOTS; NEW-A note from Joma Sipe in Portugal-Third Quarter 2019

Quotations: NEW-about EYES, by Charlotte Brontë, Santosh Lakwar, Terry Pratchett, Nikos Kazantzakis, and Jennifer Salaiz

Miscellany and Trivia: NEW-Inspirational anecdotes, Turn Weakness Into Strength; The Master's Hand; The Cookie Thief; The Whole World Stinks; The Mountain

The Society: NEW-Editorial: The Craft of being Open Minded, Jan Nicolaas Kind; Mini-interviews with Janne Vuononvirta,  José van der Loop, Fernando Mansur and Shyam Singh Gautam

Good News: NEW-Good News from Brazil; NEW-Good News from Jaishree Kannan;NEW-Good News from The Philipines, from.the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden the Netherlands, the inauguration of LOTUS HOUSE; NEW-Good News from Adyar Theosophical Academy (ATA); NEW-Good News from the TOS in Spain; NEW-Good News from Italy;GOOD NEWS FROM INTERNATIONAL THEOSOPHY CONFERENCES, IMPRESSIONS, BY JONATHAN COLBERT

Lengua Espaňola: NEW-La Teosofia es, John Algeo; NEW-Desde aquí hasta allí: Las mujeres y su viaje espiritual, Ananya Sri Ram Rajan; Julian de Norwich, Ananya Sri Ram Rajan;Mini-entrevistas Swathi; La Voz de Corazón, Damodar Mavalankar; Mi conversación con el Dalai Lama, Raghavan Iyer

Lingua Italiana: NEW-Teosofia è, John Algeo; NEW-Da qui a lì: le donne e il loro viaggio spirituale, Ananya Sri Ram Rajan; Guiliana di Norwich, Ananya Sri Ram Rajan; Mini-intervista Swathi; La Voce del Cuore, Damodar Mavalankar; Il mio dialogo con il Dalai Lama, Raghavan Iyer

Língua Portuguesa: NEW-Teosofia é, John Algeo; NEW-Daqui para lá: as mulheres e suas jornadas espirituais, Ananya Srim Ram Rajan; Juliana de Norwich, Ananya Sri Ram Rajan; Mini-entrevista Swathi; Voz de Coraçao, Damodar Mavalankar; Minha conversa com a Dalai Lama, Raghavan Iyer

Langue Française: Julian de Norwich, Ananya Sri Ram Rajan; Mini-entretien Swathi; La Voix du Coeur, Damodar Mavalankar; Mon entretien avec le Dalai Lama, Raghavan Iyer

Theosophical Encyclopedia: In collaboration with the editors-in-chief of the Theosophical Encyclopedia and Theosophical History, Mr. Vicente Hao Chin Jr., and Professor James Santucci, and the Officer in Charge of the Adyar Archives, Jaishree Kannan,Theosophy Forward publishes the following entries:NEW-Lords of The Dark Face; NEW-Non-Being; NEW-Avichi; NEW-Brothers of the Shadow; NEW-Pantheism; P.C. Mukherji and Theosophical Archaeology-Part one and NEW-part two, NEW-A New Occasional Paper; Historical photos from the Adyar Archives; NEW-FEATURING C.JINARAJADASA

Notable Books: “READING IS A CONVERSATION. ALL BOOKS TALK. BUT A GOOD BOOK LISTENS AS WELL, Mark Haddon; NEW-go to Notable Books 41, compiled by Ralph Hannon

Medley: New-Focus - A simplicity manifesto in the Age of Distraction, Part 28, Leo Babauta; NEW-Hurricanes drive the evolution of more aggressive spiders; NEW-Negative experiences on social media tied to higher odds of feeling lonely; NEW-A Pratctical Guide to Death and Dying, John White; NEW- Reconnecing to the Mother, Ananya Sri Ram Rajan; NEW-Causes of Climate Change 1 & 2, Michiel Haas

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