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Theosophy Forward honors our friend ODIN TOWNLEY who passed away earlier this year. Odin was a lifelong student of Theosophy and editor-in-chief of the webste THEOSOPHY WATCH. Its logo is publshed above. Click on the logo to go Theosophy Watch and look around there, it is a very rich source, For a tribute to Odin go to our category Theosophy.  
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Theosophy: NEW-In the Light of Theosophy - Repressed Memories? NEW-Gandhian Trusteeship in Theory and Practice, Sri Raghavan Iyer; NEW-The Three Propositions, David M. Grossman; NEW-The Hidden Meaning of Christmas.Catalina Isaza Cantor Agnihotri; NEW-A TRIBUTE TO ODIN TOWNLEY: NEW-The Curse of Vision or an Ode to Sheep, Tim Wyatt; NEW-Spiritual Evolution, Sri Raghavan Iyer; NEW-William Quan Judge and The New York Times; NEW-Religion and Religions, B.P.Wadia; NEW-Helping Women Discover Their Wings, Deepa Padhi;,NEW-Light, Love and Hope, Sri Raghavan Iyer; NEW-Aphorisms on Karma, William Quan Judge; NEW-Three Thoughts,Tim Boyd; NEW-Are we responsible? by a student; NEW-Our Challenge Today, Barbara Hebert; NEW-Sources of The Secret Doctrine, Joy MillsNEW-Mastering the Cyclic Nature of Existence — I & 2 , Elena Duvalsantos; NEW-The Sphinx of Theosophy part 1 & 2, Annie Besant; WHAT DID HELENA BLAVATSKY AND MASTER K.H. SAY ON“FREEDOM OF THOUGHT”?; Helena Petrovna Blavatsky on the Authority of The Secret Doctrine 1 & 2NEW-Prometheus-Reclaiming the Fire, David Grossman; What is Love?, Margaret Bove Sturman; Listening to the March of the Future, Shikar Agnihotri; The Future of the Theosophical Society, Annie Besant; Freedom of Thought, David P. Bruce; In the Light of Theosophy, DREAMS; The Elemental Nature of Chitta, James LeFevour; Our Special Task, Barbara Hebert; Dogmatism in Theosophy, William Quan Judge; Has Theosophy become a Creed?, Pedro Oliveira; Self Knowledge, Helena P. Blavatsky; Temple of Light at Adyar, Jaishree Kannan; Evolution of the Higher Consciousness, An In-depth Study into H. P. Blavatsky’s Teachings,Pablo Sender; John Algeo and Senzar - PART ONE AND TWO; The Last Song of the Swan - Editorials,The Lucifer Collection, Volume II; Erica Georgiades; The Ethical Revolution,Trân-Thi-Kim-Diêu; The Mutuality of Knowing, Ananya Sri Ram Rajan;The Dweller, James LeFevour; Beyond Language, Ali Ritsema; How do you want to live?, Barbara Hebert; Editorial, Jan Nicolaas Kind; A Blavatskyan Theology?, Pedro Oliveira; Radha Burnier about Annie Besant; The Golden Hour: A Turning of the Cycle. Tim Boyd; Imagining Theosophy for the Future, Catalina Isaza Cantor-Agnihotri;Theosophy and Belief, Wesley Amerman; Life Visible and Invisble, H. P. Blavatsky; Everything is Life, H. P. Blavatsky; Civilization’s Invasion of Nature, H. P. Blavatsky; In the Light of Theosophy; On getting rich, B.P. Wadia; The hidden meaning of Christmas, Catalina Isaza Cantor Agninhotri;The Yoga of Theosophy, Pablo Sender; Transforming the World, Barbara Hebert; Lawfulness, Ali Ritsema; The Path of Goodness, Erica Georgiades; The Relevance of Krishnaji's Teachings, Clemice Petter; A sublime Foreword, Jonathan Colbert

Theosophy and the Society in the Public Eye: New-The ELEGANCE of MUSIC, David M. Grossman; A Note from JOMA SIPE in Portugal (July-August 2021); Meeting Emilia, David Grossman; Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring?, by Richard Dvořák;Poetry of Dreams and Growing up, David Grossman; Dreamful Reality, a photo series by Richard Dvořák; Beyond the Mundane Reality, David Grossman)HAPPINESS but also CONTEMPLATION, demonstrated through CULTURAL DIVERSITY, an interactive photo series by David Grossman; Photos by Richard Dvořák, Spring Fields; A Note from Joma Sipe in Portugal April/May; Kissing, Caring and Loving, David Grossman

Quotations: About TIME, by Catherine Pulsifer, Cheryl Richardson, Kahlil Gibran, Carl Sandburg,Tara Ross  

Miscellany and Trivia: Inspirational Stories: Stop chasing happiness; Stop stressing so much; What are friends for ...?; You are not going to get  anything handed to you; Focus on the good things in life

The Society:NEW- A NEW beginning, Jan Nicolaas Kind; NEW-Alas and after - Questions and Answers, Kenneth Small; NEW-ALAS and after – Alas Maybe … but Never Too Late, Eugene Jennings; NEW-Alas and after…. In Search of the Dynamics of Unity, Jonathan Colbert; NEW-ALAS and after-Unity and Diversity in the Theosophical Movement, Pablo Sender; NEW-ALAS and after -,a QUOTE by Alice Bailey; NEW-ALAS and after - the journey continues, John Vorstermans;  NEW-ALAS and after - Cross-pollination through unconditional exchange and open-mindedness: a Path to transformation, Catalina Isaza Cantor Agnihotri; NEW-ALAS and after - Th eosophists, Truth, and the Pathless Land, Barbara Hebert; NEW-ALAS and after- The Conditions of True Union, H. T. Edge; NEW-ALAS and after - A question and an answer, Robert Pullen; NEW-ALAS and after -  Liminality and Theosophy, Ananya Sri Ram Rajan; NEW-ALAS and after- International Theosophical Conferences - the Rise and Fall, Jacques Mahnich;Next year in Jerusalem* -- Next year in Adyar … ?;A variety of ….. APPLES!, Jan Nicolaas KindInternational Theosophy Conferences … ALAS …Mini interviews with Sara Gencarelli and Tobia Buscaglione, Brandon Goh,César de Oliveira Ferreira Silva, Christopher See, Julian Ochoa Sanchez and Justin David Tanksley; From your editor’s desk: TO START OFF 2021; Mini interviews with Amanda Winter Marques; International Conventions of the Theosophical Society, Adyar; Mini Interviews with Lonny Marie García Hernández, Professor Shinde, Charles Angelo Boeira and José Leonardo Curihuinca; Five Years from Now, Tim Wyatt; Mini interview with Paurnamasi Pattnaik; Listening to Adyar: A Vibrant Centre with Multiople Voices, Cataline Isaza Cantor; Mini interview with Pranab Misra; Mini interview with Lipa Rath; Alka-Sellzer or Viagra?, Jan Nicolaas Kind; Mini interview with Catalina Isaza Cantor; Mini interview with Hilary Lillie; Mini interview with Gabriel Burgos;Editorial-Being free ,,, (really), Jan Nicolaas Kind; Mini interview with Enrico Sempi; Mini-interview with Silvia Caprari; Mini-interview with Kayla Upton; Mini-interview with Mark Becking; Editorial: The Craft of being Open Minded, Jan Nicolaas Kind; Mini-interviews with Janne Vuononvirta, José van der Loop, Fernando Mansur and Shyam Singh Gautam

Good News:NEW-107th Italian Theosophical Society National CongressEdward Abdill, MEMORIES OF DORA; Theosophy in the workplace, the TOS speaks with Esteban Langlois MD; Good News from Adyar Theosophical Academy (ATA);Good News from Adyar-A DREAM COME TRUE

Lengua Espaňola: NEW-DIBUJAR EL CÍRCULO MÁS GRANDENEW-Sri Raghavan Iyer; Qué pena!y después– Las condiciones de la verdadera unión, Henry Travers Edge; NEW-Luz, Amor y Eperanza, Sri Raghavan Iyer; NEW- Conferencia Internacional de Teosofía... ¡qué pena!,,,, Jan Nicolaas Kind

Lingua Italiana: NEW-Ahimè e articoli seguenti – Le condizioni per la vera unione, Henry Tracers Edge; NEW- International Theosophy Conferences … ahimè… , Jan Nicolaas Kind                               

Língua Portuguesa: NEW-DESENHANDO O CÍRCULO MAIOR, Sri Raghavan Iyer; NEW-Que pena e depois - As Condições da Verdadeira União, Henry Travers Edhe; NEW NEW- Luz, Amor e Eperança, Sri Raghavan Iyer; NEW-Conferência Internacional de Teosofia  … Que pena …, Jan Nicolaas Kind

Langue Française: NEW- HÉLAS et la suite – Les conditions d’une véritable union; NEW-International Theosophy Conferences … HÉLAS, Jan Nicolaas Kind

Theosophical Encyclopedia: In collaboration with the editors-in-chief of the Theosophical Encyclopedia and Theosophical History, Mr. Vicente Hao Chin Jr., and Professor James Santucci, and the Officer in Charge of the Adyar Archives, Jaishree Kannan,Theosophy Forward publishes the following entries:NEW-HIRAF’s “ROSICRUCIANISM”; NEW-Historical Photos from the Surendra Narayan Archives (Adyar Archives) – CHARLES WEBSTER LEADBEATER, Excerpt from “Personal Recollections of Sir Richard Francis Burton;-H.N. Stokes' early contact with the Theosophical Society;Theosophy and the Theosophical Societies - part 1, 2, 3 ,4 and 5 (2020 version); Shinto; H.N. Stokes and the O.E. Library, James Santucci; Aura; Immortality; The Objects of The Theosophical Society; Historical photos from the Surendra Narajan Archives, FEATURING George Sydney Arundale 


Medley: NEW-Mars habitability limited by its small size, isotope study suggests; NEW-Trajectories of Tyranny?, Tim Wyatt;The Paradoxical Pandemic,Tim Wyatt; Carpe Diem. Ananya Rajan; Covid-19: Reshaping our Lives, Sonal Murali; An anonymous and rather mysterious letter to the Editor of Theosophy Forward; Understanding traditional Chinese medicine can help protect species; Real-time dialogue with a dreaming person is possible; Opportunity knocks for the isolated esoterist, Tim Wyatt; Focus A simplicity manifesto in the Age of Distraction: Part 31, Leo BabautaBeing alone and socializing with others each contributes differently to personal growth; Disagreeing takes up a lot of brain real estate; On True Friendship, James E. Tepfer; No Humour please, we're Esoterists,Tim Wyatt; Why life can get better as we age; Yoga and meditation reduce chronic pain;  Brain waves can be used to predict future pain sensitivity; Exploding stars may have caused mass extinction on Earth, study shows; What are Words Worth?, Jan Nicolaas Kind

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