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Current Issue:



  Archives 2016



 Second Quarter  
Why Can't We All Get Along? Tim Boyd
Dora van Gelder Kunz - A Tribute Jan Nicolaas Kind
On Healing - A Sensitive's Impressions Dora van Gelder
Communication Dora van Gelder
Fairies Dora van Gelder
Ideals of Youth Dora van Gelder
Human Regeneration - part twelve Radha Burnier
The seven Jewels of Wisdom - Karma the second jewel the Editors of Lucifer
A Union of Those Who Love in the Service of All That Suffers Nancy Secrest
An Undying Message Boris de Zirkoff
In the Light of Theosophy  
The Four Golden Links H.P. Blavatsky
The Public Work of the Theosophical Society (Part two) Pablo Sender
Keepers and Sharers of Ageless Wisdom Victor Penaranda
Mondrian and Theosophy - Part two Robert P. Welsh
Anecdotes by vegetarians  
Editorial Jan Nicolaas Kind
Mini-Interviews Clemice Petter Clemice Petter
Mini-Interviews Jose Victor Peñaranda Jose Victor Peñaranda
Mini-Interviews Robert Moore Robert Moore
Mini-Interviews Michele Sender Michele Sender 
Mini-Interviews Katherine Lucille Blalack Kate Blalack 
Mini-Interviews Lorraine Christensen Lorraine Christensen
Mini-Interviews Kristinn Agust Fridfinnsson Kristinn Agust Fridfinnsson 
Socratic Dialogue Meets World Peace Kate Blalack
A Krotonian's look at ITC 2016 Olga Omlin
ITC 2016: Visions of Far-Flung Future - A Moderator's ImpressionJonathan Colbert  
Nancy visits Eastern Europe Nancy Secrest
Barend Voorham's visit to the Theosophical Institute near Brasilia Barend Resende
The Secret Doctrine- Cosmogony, Part I Pablo Sender
The Dhyan Yoga, Naturopathy, and Ayurveda Clinic  
Los Mahatmas Ali Ritsema
Mini estrevista- José Manuel Anacleto José Manuel Anacleto
¿Quién soy yo? Paul Zwollo
Mini entrevista - Kristan Stratos Kristan Stratos
I Mahatma Ali Ritsema
Mini Intervista con José Manuel Anacleto José Manuel Anacleto
Chi sono io? Paul Zwollo
Mini Intervista con Kristan Stratos Kristan Stratos
Os Mahatmas Ali Ritsema
Mini entrevista - José Manuel Anacleto José Manuel Anacleto
Quem sou eu? Paul Zwollo
Mini entrevista - Kristan Stratos Kristan Stratos
Therapeutic Touch  
Tarot Cards  
Notable Books 29   
A visit to John of God Nelda Samarel
Focus - A simplicity manifesto in the Age of Distraction: Part 16 Leo Babauta
Religious upbringing linked to less altruism, study of children suggests  
Raising a child with autism: How optimism can help cope 

 First Quarter
 First Quarter
 The Things We Carry Tim Boyd
We Remember Shirley Nicholson--A Tribute Jan Nicolaas Kind
Doctrine and Dogma

Shirley Nicholson

A Holistic View of Karma Shirley Nicholson
Shamanism: An Expanded View of Reality Shirley Nicholson
Who Am I? What Does It Mean To Be Human? Shirley Nicholson
The seven Jewels of Wisdom  Herman C. Vermeulen & the editors of Lucifer
The Voice of the Silence 19 (verses 303 – 316) John Algeo
Theosophy in the World Today John Vorstermans 
The Power of a Worldview Dorothy Bell 
Human Regeneration – part ten  Radha Burnier 
God as a circle  
Esoteric Astrology and the Purpose of the Soul Gary Kidgell 
A Few Thoughts: Ideas, Action and Influences David Grossman
An important subject Boris de Zirkoff 
Theosophy and Architecture: K. P. C. de Bazel's Dutch Trading Company Building in Amsterdam (part 2)  Marty Th. Bax 
Stoney Islands Arts Bank opens “Intention to Know: The Thought Forms of Annie Besant.”   
The thing about feelings: The radical notions of Annie Besant  Lori Waxman 
Anecdote about Leonardo da Vinci – One  
Anecdote about Leonardo da Vinci – Two  
Anecdote about Leonardo da Vinci – Three  
Anecdote about Leonardo da Vinci – Four  
Anecdote about Leonardo da Vinci – Five  
Editorial Jan Nicholas Kind
Pearls of Joy – part one  E-magazine version 
Mini-interview  Warwick Keys 
Mini-interview Elly van Doorn 
Mini-interview Arni Narendran 
Mini-interview Carol Nicholson 
Mini-interview Vicki Jerome 
Mini-interview Minor Lile 
Mini-interview Leonie Van Gelder 
Good News from Brazil  
Good News from Adyar (impressions)  
Good news from Finland   
Good News from International Theosophy Conferences Inc. (ITC)   
Good News from The Elephants  
Good News from the TOS   
El valor de compromiso  Joy Mills
La amorosa bondad en la práctica Einar Adalsteinsson 
¡Los Elefantes están Aquí! Jan Nicolaas Kind 
El principio, no la persona John Alego 
Il coraggio dell’impegno Joy Mills 
Mettere in pratica la gentilezza amorevole Einar Adalsteinsson 
Sono arrivati gli elefanti! Jan Nicolaas Kind
Il principio, non la persona  John Algeo
O valor do compromisso Joy Mills
A bondade amorosa na prática  Einar Adalsteinsson
Os elefantes estão aqui! Jan Nicolaas Kind
O princípio e não a pessoa John Algeo
Notable Books 27  
Focus – Part 14 Leo Babauta
Life in Egypt Kathleen Hall
The aftermath of 1492: Study shows how Native American depopulation impacted ecology  
Solving hard quantum problem: everything is connected  
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