Living Theosophy - Clarisa Elósegui

Clarisa Elósegui – Spain

The question "How can we make Theosophy a living force in our world?" has a simple answer: only by living Theosophy. But to understand what "living Theosophy" means requires deep thought and is difficult to express in a few words.

Very often, members ask, "Why is my study of Theosophy not fruitful?" or "Why have I been studying Theosophy for so many years, but still suffer from what happens in my life?" Other members, eager to spread Theosophy in their Lodges, ask the same question with a different focus: "Why is it so difficult to reach students?" or "Why is it so difficult to convey Theosophy and to touch students deeply?"

The process of assimilating Theosophy involves three essential factors.

The first factor is information, specifically the Theosophical wisdom we receive from books, lectures, courses, and seminars. This information has to be digested so that we avoid verbal indigestion; it is said that we should read for five minutes and then meditate half an hour, or longer, about what we have read.  Too often, the process stops without the meditation, and then the students become "Theosophical parrots," repeating what they have learned without understanding it. There is no heart in such communication of Theosophy, which is why it does not reach the hearts of students, even though it can get into their heads. Those who are satisfied with such communication will become new "parrots" themselves. Those who search for something more will proceed to the second factor. 

The second factor is an accurate and serene reflection in our own lives of the Theosophical information we will be passing on. We achieve that reflection by comparing what we have learned, point by point, with our own mental, emotional, and physical habits in what we do and say. The result of this comparison is a discovery in ourselves of those habits that are more or less far from the human ideal of a self-realized person, which is what we must become. We have to be willing to change our habits. Those who live only in their minds may cherish Theosophical ideas, finding them beautiful, and may even dream that they are already self-realized. But they will go no further, believing wrongly that once they have understood something, they have done with it. Those who live with balanced minds and hearts will pass on to the third factor.

The third factor is a continuous change, always governed by our understanding of Theosophy. This change is nothing but the transmutation of our present character, which will become more and more a faithful reflection of our essential nature. These three factors are a trinity. If one of them is missing, the process cannot be completed. Very often, the third one is not fulfilled or it is fulfilled only occasionally with little intensity and determination.

A human being can give only what he has, that which is a part of himself. When we talk about living Theosophy, we are talking about this gift. If we are content with tirelessly repeating what the books say, without having practiced in our lives the ideals that are the greatest riches of Theosophy, we will never become messengers of this precious Theosophy.

It is absolutely essential that all of us become living expressions of Theosophy, with a coherence between our deepest thoughts and each of our simplest actions and words, everywhere and always. This coherence must start in ourselves, but will extend to our families and spread to all our friends and every person we come into touch with.

Unfortunately, many students of Theosophy repeat the well-known expression "Well, we are just human . . ." when they apologize, even among colleagues, for some weakness or mistake in behavior that is clearly untheosophical. Such separative and incoherent behavior contributes to the increased suffering in the world, when we should really be working intensely to lessen it.

It is uncomfortable to speak about these things, and for that reason we often avoid doing so. But we can never resolve a problem that is denied or hidden.

Each one of us is responsible for the state of suffering in this world. We have to respond lovingly to everyone and everything, acting intelligently if we are to help in bettering their lives. Only in that way can we make Theosophy a living force in the world, because only men and women who live Theosophy can be its living force.

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