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Gaspar Torres – Cuba

Living Theosophy is a difficult task in view of the average evolution of humanity. Moreover, we are in a particular cycle, known in India as Kali Yuga, in which the worst conditions for the spiritual life prevail, and the Divine Wisdom, or Theosophy, is left unattended and unknown by the majority of persons.

In The Work of the Theosophical Society, Annie Besant stated: ‘Those who can read the signs of the times will understand the vital importance to the future of Theosophy, of the direction now given to the work of the Theosophical Society. We are treading a cycle similar to that trodden by Christianity in its early centuries,…’ (reprinted in The Theosophist, March 2010). She also pointed out (1) that past efforts of Neoplatonists and Gnostic Christians failed in their task to pass on to a new civilization the fundamental principles that support a faster progress of the Evolutionary Plan; (2) the similar conditions of the present cycle; and (3) the duty of the TS in relation to this situation.

The world is in a miserable state, and the degeneration of human relations, ethics, and so on, is a fact that cannot be ignored if we are to improve this state of affairs. It is not easy to know what we can do in order to accomplish this huge task. In the first place, human beings cannot be changed for the better by outward means. An individual alone can change him or herself. This change is not in the capacity, the will, or determination, of someone else. Each person is responsible for his or her own self-transformation and development.

The Masters wrote extensively about the requirements for discipleship, which allow for self-transformation and self-realization. No one can meet them for another, but each one of us is responsible for changing his or her own being. The only possible help we can receive is the inspiration found in the teachings of this Divine Wisdom, and by the example of the lives of those who dedicate themselves to disseminating it.

Everyone who understands Theosophy must make it a living force within him or herself and try to demonstrate the effect of the inner peace and true happiness that it conveys. The determination to attain this inner state is the first step. Only afterwards can we think about conveying it to others. If we are unable to attain this state, it is impossible to be of any real help to the world at large.

The Theosophical Society (and all its members who wish to serve humanity through its agency) has the duty of disseminating its Highest Object: discovering, without any doubt, the One Life in the innermost centre of every human being’s consciousness. The pursuit of spirituality is completely different from the many worldly pursuits, and it is impossible to mix the latter with the only pursuit capable to unite the human soul to the Supreme Being. Many personal and transitory interests drive our lives, wasting the energy necessary for pursuing the only real goal.

It is important to take note of the profound changes we need to bring about in ourselves, because the human mind is not suitable to carry out this transcendental task.  We need to go beyond to develop the higher faculties at the spiritual level of consciousness. The unity needed between all members shall be impossible to attain unless first we have right understanding, the right attitude and behavior, essentially in accordance with this higher task. We can only do this and wait for the results, knowing that no effort is ever lost, that once right energy is set in motion, the Law will do the rest. We do not need to wait for any direct answer from others, as this would imply a personal motive and would place our task in the sphere of the egoistic and material world.

The beneficent impact we can have on the world can be strengthened, of course, when a large number of members is able to attain this unity between them and is profoundly interested in discovering their Real Being. It is important to remember HPB’s last words: ‘Keep the link unbroken.’ She knew that only a real nucleus of radiant spiritual energy may generate a vortex that can attract the souls at a high enough level to awaken them at their point of return in the evolutionary cycle.

No isolated mind can produce a universal effect, but the unity of devoted and dedicated members with the one and unique purpose of serving humanity would go a long way in the right direction.


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